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Conduct in Competition Guide: Procedures for NAIA contests

Conduct in
Competition Guide

Consult the guide for NAIA hospitality and game management standards and best practices including crowd control, pre and postgame responsibilities.



Officials' Role in NAIA Competition

Officials are the ultimate on-court / on field sportsmanship models. Officials can ensure that ethics and fair play remain important factors during competition by making the call for better sportsmanship.

The NAIA has standards for behavior during all NAIA competition. Officials, read about the expectations here.

EJECTION REPORTING - A report must be completed by both the NAIA game official who ejected the player or coach and athletics director of the institution that the ejected student-athlete or coach represents. The report must be submitted to the NAIA within 48 hours after the completion of the contest.

Ejections & Suspensions

Ejections FAQ

In April 2009, membership approved new standards for member institutions, affiliated conferences, and various constituent groups. At the NAIA Convention in April 2010, clarifications were made to the ejections and suspensions policies. For more information, contact the NAIA National Office at 816-595-8000.

Conduct in Competition Report Ejections