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NAIA Student-Athlete Wellness Center

Drug Test Toolkit

Preseason Preparation

•Consent Form (National Championship…different from Institution Consent Form)
Medical Exemption Form 

On Campus Documents (August – September)

•Consent Form – File on Campus / Check Box on Postseason Rosters
•Medical Exemption - stimulants, beta blockers, diuretics, anti-estrogens, and beta-2 agonists

Submit to NAIA & Approved Before Athletics Participation
(National Drug Testing & Education Committee Review) 

•Medical Exemption – use of anabolic agents and peptide hormones 

NAIA Championship Drug-Testing
•Site Coordinator Manual

Drug Education

The NAIA Academy includes these online courses:

myPlaybook Drug Education Courses

#1 NAIA Rules and Performance Enhancing Drug Awareness Introduction | Performance Enhancing Drugs

#2 Dietary Supplements and Sports Nutrition  |  Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

#3 Life Skills

#4 The Transition from College Athlete to Healthy Adult Lifestyle

myPlaybook Optional Courses:

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention
Marijuana Impact on Athletic Performance
Tobacco Impact on Athletic Performance
Alcohol Impact on Athletic Performance
Drug Prevention Expectations, Harm Prevention, Norms

NAIA Banned Substance List

drug free sportDrug Free Sport AXIS (Previously Resource Exchange Center)

1. Select NAIA
2. Password: naialive5

Drug Free Sport's AXIS Tutorial and Supplement Safety Webinar

Drug Free Sport AXIS Poster 

NAIA Academy

The NAIA offers online student-athlete education through the NAIA Academy at

naia academy

NAIA Academy Registration Process

2016-17 NAIA Academy Instructions webinar

2016-17 NAIA Academy Update webinar

NAIA Academy Technical Assistance FAQs

NAIA Academy QuickStartGuide

Concussion Resources

Mental Health Resources

Optimizing Performance Resources