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Conference Program Elements

Best Practices

ongoing training and professional development for conference coaches, athletics administrative staff and student-athletes

  Use the G-Rated Program and Curb Appeal Discussion Guides with your Conference athletic directors and coaches to identify program issues. 

  Remind Conference athletic directors that all coaches need to complete Character-Driven Coaching 

of conference athletics events including conduct in competition

  Set and communicate expectations for hospitality and game management. View your Conference Conduct in Competition Expectations videos. See examples below. 

  Work with the Conduct and Competition Committee that reviews ejection and suspension reports to create programming for areas of concern

  Establish procedures for responding to extreme behavior, including a crisis management plan

Examples of conduct in competition expectation videos for officials and student-athletes supplied by the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference. 


Conference-wide Champions of Character EVENT to share the message.

  Hold a Sports Summit to bring together the supervisor of officials, athletic director, coaches, and captains to discuss game experience expectations and issues for a particular sport

  Share the Champions of Character message during your Conference Championship or Conference-wide Servant Leadership project  

of progress in implementing conference plans.

  Use the results from the Champions of Character Scorecard to assess your conference plan.

  Conduct game experience surveys for officials, Athletic Directors and coaches 

with awards and recognition of Conference officials, Athletics Directors, coaches and student-athletes.

  Coordinate Champions of Character National Awards for your Conference 

  Recognize officials, Athletic Directors, coaches and student-athletes for demonstrating character with individual and Champions of Character All Conference Team awards.

  Create a Champions of Character page for your Conference website (use official sample)