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Bowling Coaches Corner



  • Playing Rules: NAIA Bowling has adopted the 400 and 500 series rules of the USBC Collegiate Rulebook
    to govern NAIA regular season and postseason play.
  • Rankings: NAIA Bowling has adopted the Team Power Rankings for Men’s and Women’s Bowling for the 2018-2019 season when determining post-season selection.
  • The official party size for the NAIA Men's and Women's Bowling Invitational is 11. This means that the maximum number of rostered players is 8 per team, 2 coaches , and 1 athletic trainer. 
  • The entry fee for the NAIA Men's and Women's Bowling tournament is $300.00 per team.
  • Starting with the 2019-2020 bowling season, the upper financial aid limit is 5 scholarships.
  • As of November 1st, there are 45 men's and 50 women's programs sponsoring varsity teams in the NAIA for 2018-2019.
  • Bowling will continue into year 2 of Invitation status in 2018-2019.
  • Sports with 2nd year invitational status must adhere to all NAIA constitution, policies and bylaws. Official Policy & Handbook
  • 12 teams per gender will qualify for the 2018-2019 NAIA Bowling Invitational.
  • Each conference or group will be awarded an automatic team birth into the Invitational tournament.
  • Maximum of 14 regular season contests for men's and women's bowling.
  • Upper limit of 3 contests competed in for an NAIA student-athlete to be eligible for a medical hardship.



  • While identified with an NAIA institution, all student-athletes must comply with NAIA amateurish rules (Page 68): Official Policy & Handbook


  • All first time NAIA participants must register at and receive an eligible determination prior to participating in any contest (scrimmage, exhibition or regular season).
  • Students who participated in NAIA competition and were properly certified for such during first year of invitational status do not need to have EC determination.
  • Students may be charged Seasons of Competition (SOC) for past club and/or intercollegiate experience. Work with your campus FAR to make that determination. 
  • If leagues are considered elite, they are chargeable, please reference the Competitive Experience Criteria


  • SMARTFunds are not considered as "cash payment" and thus are not considered a violation of NAIA amateurism rules.
  • They are, however, considered as a prize value and thus the maximum from a single event contributed would be $500, plus $100 for a secondary award if applicable. 
  • SMARTFunds may or may not be considered as "countable" aid towards scholarship limits. Institutions should consult with their financial aid officers on campus when making this determination.

Competition Requirements

  • There will be no minimum "NAIA only" bowling events in 2018-19.
  • Teams will be required to compete in a minimum of 5 competitions which include at least two NAIA varsity institutions to be eligible for postseason.
  • For "mixed" competitions, and NAIA-only scoring division will be established for purposes of ratings, records, statistics, and qualifications. 

24 Week Season

  • Each sport shall have a maximum 24-week practice and competition season established by each member institution. Frequency of
    play, practice and scheduling policies shall be applied only during the period of August 1 to May 15. Frequency of play, practice, and
    scheduling outside of this period is governed by each member institution and will not be regulated by the NAIA.
  • More information on the 24 week season here.

Postseason Qualification Plans

12 teams men's teams and 12 women's teams will qualify for the NAIA Bowling Invitational.

Men's Qualification Plan

Women's Qualification Plan


Bowling Sport Manager: Dan Robinson
Bowling Ratings Contact: Katie Green

President: Bobby Brown, University of Pikeville
Vice President: Charles Cain, Siena Heights University
Secretary: Katie Thornton, SCAD Savannah
NAC Liaison: Eric Ward, Mid-South Conference Commissioner


Bowling Amateurism Timeline

Seasons of Competition Flowchart

Bowling Webinar Powerpoint Power Rankings

NAIA-BCA Business Meeting: July 13, 2018 (Arlington, TX.)