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NAIA Players in the Pros

September 10, 2005
By NAIA National Office

If there is an athlete that needs to be added on this list, please email with complete information including name,
school, years and NFL team(s)

Athlete, NAIA School – NFL Team (listed alphabetical order)
Lynn Abrens, Eastern Montana - San Diego Chargers

Julius Adams, Texas Southern  - New England Patriots

Pete Adams, Southern California College - Cleveland Browns

Sam Adams, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - New England Patriots/New Orleans Saints

Tom Adams, Minnesota-Duluth - Minnesota Vikings

Louis Age, Louisiana-Lafayette - New York Jets

Sergio Albert, U.S. International (Calif.) - Seattle Seahawks

Ira Albright, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Buffalo Bills

Jerry Aldridge, Angelo State (Texas) - San Francisco

Glenn Alexander, Grambling State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

Ted Alexander, Langston (Okla.) - San Francisco 49ers

Willie Alexander, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Houston Oilers

Jerry Allen, Nebraska-Omaha - Baltimore Colts/Washington Redskins

Nate Allen, Texas Southern  - Kansas City Chiefs/San Francisco 49ers/Minnesota Vikings/Detroit Lions

Don Alley, Adams State (Colo.) - Baltimore Colts/Pitsburgh Steelers

Mack Alston, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Washington Redskins/Houston Oilers/Baltimore Colts

Jim Althoff, Winona State (Minn.) - Chicago Bears

Lyle Alzado, Yankton (S.D.) - Denver Broncos/Cleveland Browns/Oakland Raiders

Bruce Anderson, Willamette (Ore.) - Los Angeles Rams/New York Giants/Washington Redskins

Curtis Anderson, Central State (Ohio) - Dallas Cowboys/Kansas City Chiefs

Fred Anderson, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Pittsburgh Steelers/Seattle Seahawks

Jay Anderson, Mayville State (N.D.) - New York Giants

Ken Anderson, Augustana (Ill.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Rickey Anderson, South Carolina State - San Diego Chargers

Warren Anderson, West Virginia State - Houston Oilers/St. Louis Cardinals

Billy Andrews, Southeastern Louisiana - Cleveland Browns/San Diego Chargers/Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Angel, Western Oregon - Oakland Raiders

Adger Armstrong, Texas A & I - Houston Oilers/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ken Asbury, Missouri Valley - Bears

Bert Askson, Texas Southern  - Pittsburgh Steelers/New Orleans Saints/Green Bay

Bob Atkins, Grambling State (La.) - St. Louis Cardinals/Houston Oilers

Butch Atkinson, Morris Brown (Ga.) - Oakland Raiders/Denver Broncos

Hise Austin, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Green Bay Packers

Gene Babb, Austin College (Texas) - San Francisco 49ers/Dallas Cowboys/Houston Oilers

Coy Bacon, Jackson State (Miss.) - Los Angeles Rams/San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals/Washington Redskins

Ken Bahnsen, North Texas State - San Francisco 49ers

Walt Baisy, Grambling State (La.) - Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Baker, U.S. International (Calif.) - Buffalo Bills

Jesse Baker, Jackson State (Miss.) - Houston

John Baker, North Carolina Central -

Keven Baker, William Penn (Iowa) - Bills

Melvin Baker, Texas Southern  - Miami Dolphins/New Orleans Saints/New England Patriots/San Diego Chargers/ Houston Oilers/Buffalo Bills
Steve Baker, Southern Oregon  - Buffalo Bills
Bruce Baldwin, Harding (Ark.) - Denver

Quinton Ballard, Elon (N.C.) - Baltimore Colts

Chuck Banks, West Virginia Tech - Houston Oilers/Indianapolis Colts

Willie Banks, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Washington Redskins/New York Giants/New England Patriots

Maher Barakat, South Dakota School Tech - Broncos

Bob Barber, Grambling State (La.) - Green Bay Packers

John Barefield, Texas A & I - St. Louis Cardinals

Jerome Barker, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Jets

Jerome Barkum, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Jets

Charlie Barnes, Louisiana-Monroe - Dallas Cowboys

Ernie Barnes, North Carolina Central - New York Jets/San Diego Chargers/Denver Broncos

Pete Barnes, Southern (La.) - Houston Oilers/San Diego Chargers/St. Louis Cardinals/New England Patriots

Buster Barnett, Jackson State (Miss.) - Buffalo Bills

Doug Barnett, Azusa Pacific University (Calif.) - Los Angeles Rams/Washington Redskins/Atlanta Falcons

Lem Barney, Jackson State (Miss.) - Detroit Lions

Bob Barrett, Baldwin-Wallace (Ohio) - Buffalo Bills

Mo Bassett, Langston (Okla.) - Cleveland Browns

Pat Batten, Hardin-Simmons (Texas) - Detroit Lions

Jim Battle, Southern (La.) - Cleveland Browns

Cliff Battles, West Virginia Wesleyan - Boston/Washington

Hank Bauer, California Lutheran - San Diego Chargers

Kirk Baumgartner, Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Green Bay

Raymond Baylor, Texas Southern  - San Diego Chargers

Walter Beach, Central Michigan - Boston Patriots/Cleveland Browns

Tim Beamer, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.) - Buffalo Bills

Autry Beamon, East Texas State - Minnesota Vikings/Seattle Seahawks/Cleveland Browns

Jeff Beathard, Southern Oregon  - Los Angeles Rams

Al Beauchamp, Southern (La.) - Cincinnati Bengals/St. Louis Cardinals

Don Beebe, Chadron State (Neb.) - Buffalo Bills

Bill Belk, Maryland-Eastern Shore - San Francisco 49ers

Joe Bell, Norfolk State (Va.) - Oakland Raiders

Rick Bell, St. John's (Minn.) - Minnesota Vikings

Willie Belton, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Atlanta Falcons/St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Bengard, Northwestern (Iowa) - Colts

Barry Bennett, Concordia (Minn.) - New Orleans Saints/New York Jets/Minnesota Vikings

Ron Berger, Wayne State (Neb.) - Boston Patriots/New England Patriots

Will Berzinski, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Philadelphia Eagles

Rufus Bess, South Carolina State - Oakland Raiders/Buffalo Bills/Minnesota Vikings

Elvin Bethea, North Carolina A&T - Houston Oilers

Verlon Biggs, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Jets/Washington Redskins

Dave Bigler, Morningside (Iowa) - Raiders

Dave Bigler, Morningside (Iowa) - Oakland Raiders

John Billizon, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants

Don Bingham, Sul Ross State (Texas) - Chicago Bears

Carl Birdsong, Southwestern Oklahoma State - St. Louis Cardinals

Eddie Bishop, Southern (La.) - Minnesota Vikings

Todd Black, Concordia (Minn.) - Chicago Bears

Stanley Blair, Southeastern Oklahoma State - Phoenix Cardinals

Sid Blanks, Texas A & I - Houston Oilers/Boston Patriots

Stan Blinka, Sam Houston State (Texas) - New York Jets

Stan Blinka, Sam Houston State (Texas) - New York Jets

Mel Blount, Southern (La.) - Pittsburgh Steelers
Marc Boerigter, Hastings (Neb.) – Chiefs
Fred Bohannon, Mississippi Valley - Pittsburgh Steelers

Ross Boice, Pacific Lutheran (Wash.) - Los Angeles Rams (1971)

Gary Bolden, Southwestern Oklahoma State - Philadelphia Eagles

Eric Boles, Central Washington - New York Jets (1991)

Andy Bolton, Fisk (Tenn.) - Seattle Seahawks/Detroit Lions

Ron Bolton, Norfolk State (Va.) - New England Patriots

Ron Bolton, Virginia State - New England Patriots/Cleveland Browns

Bracey Bonham, North Carolina Central - Pittsburgh Steelers

Billy Bookout, Austin College (Texas) - Green Bay Packers

Emerson Boozer, Maryland-Eastern Shore - New York Jets

Ron Botchan, Occidental (Calif.) - Los Angeles Rams/Houston Oliers

John Bothan, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Tampa Bay

Scott Boucher, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Houston Oilers

Shawn Bouwens, Nebraska Wesleyan - Patriots

Garland Boyette, Grambling State (La.) - St. Louis Cardinals/Houston Oilers

George Boynton, East Texas State - Oakland Raiders

Charlie Brackins, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Green Bay Packers

Henry Bradley, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Cleveland Browns

Reggie Branch, Cameron (Okla.) - Washington

John Brandes, Cameron (Okla.) - Indianapolis Colts/Washington Redskins

Henry Brandon, Southern (La.) - Atlanta Falcons

Wade Brantley, Troy State (Ala.) - New York Giants

Gene Branton, Texas Southern  - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Robert Brazile, Jackson State (Miss.) - Houston Oilers/Dallas Cowboys

Don Breaux, McNeese State (La.) - Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers

Louis Breeden, North Carolina Central - Cincinnati Bengals

Demetrius Breedlove, Evangel (Mo.) - Cleveland  Browns

Jim Brewington, North Carolina Central - Oakland Raiders

Bob Briggs, Central State (Ohio) - Washington Redskins

Marton Briscoe, Nebraska-Omaha - Buffalo Bills/Miami Dolphins/San Diego Chargers/New England Patriots

Willie Brister, Southern (La.) - New York Jets

John Bristor, Waynesburg (Pa.) - San Francisco 49ers

Jerry Broadnax, Southern (La.) - Houston Oilers

Bobby Brooks, Bishop (Texas) - New York Giants

Larry Brooks, Virginia State - Los Angeles Rams

Perry Brooks, Southern (La.) - Washington Redskins

Arnold Brown, North Carolina Central - Detroit Lions/Seattle Seahawks

Bob Brown, Alcorn State (Miss.) - St. Louis Cardinals/Minnesota Vikings/New Orleans Saints

Bob Brown, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Green Bay Packers/San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals

Boyd Brown, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Denver Broncos/New York Giants

Ivory Lee Brown, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Arizona Cardinals

Josh Brown, Southwest Texas State - Minnesota Vikings

Ken Brown, Southern Arkansas - Cincinnati Bengals

Marv Brown, East Texas State - Detroit Lions

Otto Brown, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants

Roger Brown, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Detroit Lions/Los Angeles Rams

Roosevelt Brown, Morgan State (Md.) - New York Giants

Willie Brown, Grambling State (La.) - Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders

Bob Bruer, Mankato State (Minn.) - Chicago Bears/San Francisco 49ers/Minnesota Vikings

Bill Bryant, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants/Philadelphia Eagles

Buck Buchanan, Grambling State (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Vince Buck, Central State (Ohio) - New Orleans Saints

Vince Buck, Central State (Ohio) - New Orleans Saints

Bryon Buelow, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Atlanta Falcons
Drew Bule, Catawba (N.C.) - Oakland Raiders/Cincinnati Bengals

Louis Bullard, Jackson State (Miss.) - Seattle Seahawks

Marvell Burgess, Henderson State (Ark.) - Miami Dolphins

Randy Burks, Southeastern Oklahoma State - Chicago Bears

Dave Burnette, Central Arkansas - Indianapolis Colts/Dallas Cowboys

Lem Burnham, U.S. International (Calif.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Charley Burrell, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Green Bay Packers

Ken Burrough, Texas Southern  - New Orleans Saints/Houston Oilers

Curtis Burrow, Central Arkansas - Green Bay Packers

Paul Butcher, Wayne State (Neb.) - Detroit Tigers/Los Angeles Rams

Jim Butler, Edward Waters (Fla.) - Steelers

Jim "Cannonball" Butler, Edward Waters (Fla.) - Pittsburgh Steelers/Atlanta Falcons/St. Louis Cardinals

Rick Byas, Wayne State (Neb.) - Atlanta Falcons

Alphonso Cain, Bethune-Cookman (Fla.) - Dallas Cowboys

Joe Cain, Oregon Tech - Seattle/Chicago/Minnesota Vikings

Jason Caldwell, North Carolina Central - Los Angeles Rams

Jamie Caleb, Grambling State (La.) - Cleveland Browns/Minnesota Vikings/Cleveland Browns

Bill Callahan, Benedictine (Ill.) - Oakland Raiders

Ernie Calloway, Texas Southern  - Philadelphia Eagles

Ken Campbell, West Chester State (Pa.) - New York Jets

Mike Campbell, Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.) - Detroit Lions

Tony Canadeo, Gonzaga (Wash.) - Green Bay Packers

Mel Caraway, Northeastern State (Okla.) - New England Patriots

Harold Carmichael, Southern (La.) - Philadelphia Eagles/Dallas Cowboys

Chetti Carr, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Los Angeles Raiders

Jimmy Carr, Morris Harvey (W.Va.) - Chicago Cardinals/Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins

Ronnie Carroll, Sam Houston State (Texas) - Buffalo Bills/Houston Oilers

Ananias Carson, Langston (Okla.) - Rams

Harry Carson, South Carolina State - New York Giants

Willie Carter, Tennessee State - Chicago Cardinals

Rod Cason, Angelo State (Texas) - New England Patriots

Rodney Cason, Angelo State (Texas) - New England Patriots

Rich Caster, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Jets/Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints/Washington Redskins

Jeff Chadwick, Grand Valley State (Mich.) - Seattle

Dan Chamberlain, Sacramento State (Calif.) - Buffalo Bills

Tony Chandler, Missouri Valley - Minnesota Vikings

Cliff Chatman, Central State (Ohio) - New York Giants

Barney Chavous, South Carolina State - Denver Broncos

Barney Chavous, South Carolina State - Denver Broncos

Fuller Cherry, Arkansas-Monticello - Los Angeles Rams

Larry Chester, Allen (S.C.) - Falcons

Brandon Christenson, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Oakland Raiders

Jim Christopherson, Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.) - Minnesota Vikings

Al Clark, Eastern Michigan  - Detroit Lions/Los Angeles Rams/Philadelphia Eagles

Derrick Clark, Evangel (Mo.) - Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins

Dutch Clark, Colorado College - Portsmouth/Detroit

Leroy Clark, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Torin Clark, West Virginia State - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wayne Clark, U.S. International (Calif.) - San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals/Kansas City Chiefs

Don Cockroft, Adams State (Colo.) - Cleveland Browns

Ken Coffey, Southwestern (Texas) - Washington

Mike Coleman, Knoxville (Tenn.) - New Orleans Saints

Monte Coleman, Central Arkansas - Washington Redskins
Ralph Coleman, North Carolina A&T - Dallas Cowboys

Steve Coleman, Delaware State - Denver Broncos

Blanton Collier, Georgetown (Ky.) - Cleveland Browns

Tim Collier, East Texas State - Kansas City

Andre Collins, Central Arkansas - Washington Redskins

Brent Collins, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Buffalo

Lary Collins, Texas A & I - Cleveland Browns/New Orleans Saints

Todd Collins, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Los Angeles Rams

Dick Compton, McMurray (Texas) - Detroit Lions/Houston Oilers/Pittsburgh Steelers

Ogden Compton, Hardin-Simmons (Texas) - Chicago Cardinals

Scott Cooper, Kearney State (Neb.) - Tampa Bay/Cleveland Browns

Frank Cornish, Grambling State (La.) - Chicago Bears/Miami Dolphins/Buffalo Bills

Mark Cotney, Cameron (Okla.) - Houston Oilers/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/

Charley Cowan, New Mexico Highlands - Los Angeles Rams

Larry Cowan, Jackson State (Miss.) - Miami

Larry Cowman, Jackson State (Miss.) - Miami Dolphins/New England Patriots

Arthur Cox, Texas Southern  - Atlanta Falcons/San Diego Chargers

Larry Cox, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Denver Broncos

Nate Craddock, Parsons (Iowa) - Baltimore Colts

Bruce Craft, Geneva (Pa.) - Cowboys

Dobie Craig, Howard Payne (Texas) - Oakland Raiders/Houston Oilers

Neal Craig, Fisk (Tenn.) - Cincinnati Bengals/Buffalo Bills/Cleveland Browns

Mike Crangle, Tennessee-Martin - New Orleans Saints

Brian Crawford, Western Oregon - Minnesota Vikings

Hilton Crawford, Grambling State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

Rufus Crawford, Virginia State - Seattle Seahawks

Patrick Crayton, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Cowboys

Leon Crenshaw, Tuskegee (Ala.) - Green Bay Packers

Jeff Criswell, Graceland (Iowa) - Indianapolis Colts/New York Jets/Kansas City Chiefs

Jack Crittendon, Wayne State (Neb.) - Chicago Cardinals

Monte Crockett, New Mexico Highlands - Buffalo Bills

Steve Crosby, Fort Hays State (Kan.) - New York Giants

Justin Cross, Western State (Colo.) - Buffalo Bills

Larry Crowe, Texas Southern  - Philadelphia Eagles/Atlanta Falcons

Keith Cupp, Findlay (Ohio) - Cincinnati Bengals

Will Cureton, East Texas State - Cleveland Browns

Pat Curran, Lakeland (Wis.) - Los Angeles Rams/San Diego Chargers

Ray Curry, Jackson State (Miss.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Tom Dahlberg, Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.) - San Francisco 49ers

Oakley Dalton, Jackson State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints

Eldon Danenhauer, Pittsburg State (Kan.) - Denver Broncos

Clem Daniels, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys/Oakland Raiders/San Francisco 49ers

Dave Daniels, Florida A&M - Oakland Raiders

Dick Daniels, Pacific (Ore.) - Dallas Cowboys/Chicago Bears

Rick Danmeier, Sioux Falls (S.D.) - Minnesota Vikings

Paul Darby, Southwest Texas State - New York Jets

Leavie David, Edward Waters (Fla.) - Cowboys

Art Davis, Alabama State  - Chicago Bears

Ben Davis, Defiance (Ohio) - Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions

Charles Davis, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New England Patriots

Clifton Davis, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New York Giants

Donnie Davis, Southern (La.) - Dallas Cowboys/Houston Oilers

Fred Davis, Doane (Neb.) - Bears

Henry Davis, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants/Pitsburgh Steelers
James Davis, Southern (La.) - Los Angeles Raiders

Jeff Davis, Mars Hill (N.C.) - Washington Redskins

Jerry Davis, Morris Brown (Ga.) - New York Jets

Marvin Davis, Southern (La.) - Houston Oilers

Norman Davis, Grambling State (La.) - Baltimore Colts/New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles

Ron Davis, Virginia State - San Francisco 49ers

Ron Davis, Virginia State - St. Louis Cardinals

Steve Davis, Delaware State - Pitsburgh Steelers/New York Jets

Willie Davis, Central Arkansas - KC Chiefs

Willie Davis, Grambling State (La.) - Cleveland/Green Bay

Al Day, Eastern Michigan  - Denver Broncos

Tom Day, North Carolina A&T - St. Louis Cardinals/Buffalo Bills/San Diego Chargers

Fred Dean, Texas Southern  - Chicago Bears/Washington Redskins

Mick DeFelice, Southern Conneticut State - New York Jets

Jack Deloplaine, Salem (W.Va.) - Pitsburgh Steelers/Washington Redskins/Chicago Bears/Oakland Raiders

Vern Den Herder, Central (Iowa) - Miami Dolphins

Al Dennis, Grambling State (La.) - San Diego Chargers/Cleveland Browns

Al Denson, Florida A&M - Denver Broncos/Minnesota Vikings

Moses Denson, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Washington Redskins

Moses Denson, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Washington Redskins

Brian DeRoo, Redlands (Calif.) - Baltimore Colts

Wayne DeSutter, Western Illinios - Buffalo Bills

Dennis DeVaughan, Bishop (Texas) - Philadelphia

Dennis DeVaughn, Bishop (Texas) - Philadelphia Eagles

Dan Devine, Minnesota-Duluth - Green Bay Packers

Benjy Dial, Eastern New Mexico - Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Dickerson, California Lutheran - Los Angeles Raiders

Wallace Dickey, Southwest Texas State - Denver Broncos

LaVerne Dickson, Southern (La.) - Chicago Bears

Parnell Dickson, Mississippi Valley - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Billy Diggs, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - Minnesota

Tony DiMidio, West Chester State (Pa.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Johnnie Dirden, Sam Houston State (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Kansas City Chiefs/Pitsburgh Steelers

Lars Ditlev, South Dakota School Tech - Eagles

Hewritt Dixon, Florida A&M - Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders

Ron Dixon, Lambuth (Tenn.) - New York Giants

Al Dodd, Northwestern State (La.) - Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints/Atlanta Falcons

Tony Dollinger, Evangel (Mo.) - Detroit Lions

Paul Dombroski, Linfield (Ore.) - Kansas City Chiefs/New England Patriots/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nate Dorsey, Mississippi Valley - New England Patriots/Pittsburgh Steelers

Reggie Doss, Hampton (Va.) - Los Angeles Rams

Al Dotson, Grambling State (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Miami Dolphins/Oakland Raiders

Earl Dotson, Texas A & I - Green Bay Packers

Hugh Douglas, Central State (Ohio) - Philadelphia Eagles

John Douglas, Texas Southern  - New Orleans Saints/Houston Oilers

Joe Driskill, Louisiana-Monroe - St. Louis Cardinals

Elbert Dubenion, Bluffton (Ohio) - Buffalo Bills/Denver Broncos

Allen Dunbar, Southern (La.) - San Francisco 49ers

Jubilee Dunbar, Southern (La.) - New Orleans Saints/Cleveland Browns

Jim Duncan, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Baltimore Colts

Maury Duncan, San Francisco State (Calif.) - San Francisco 49ers

Rick Duncan, Eastern Montana - Denver Broncos/Philadelphia Eagles/Detroit Lions

Speedy Duncan, Jackson State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers/Washington Redskins
Paul Dunn, U.S. International (Calif.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Myron Dupree, North Carolina Central - Denver Broncos

Bill Dusenberry, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.) - New Orleans Saints

Henry Dyer, Grambling State (La.) - Los Angeles Rams/Washington Redskins

Larry Eaglin, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Lawrence Eaglin, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Houston Oilers

John Easom, Florida A&M - Oakland Raiders

Anthony Edwards, New Mexico Highlands - Philadelphia Eagles

Glen Edwards, Florida A&M - Pittsburgh Steelers/San Diego Chargers

Larry Edwards, Texas A & I - New York Giants

Mike Eischeid, Upper Iowa - Oakland (AFL), Minnesota

Jim Elliott, Presbyterian (S.C.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Ken Ellis, Southern (La.) - Green Bay Packers/Houston Oilers/Miami Dolphins/Detroit LionsLos Angeles Rams

Willie Ellison, Texas Southern  - Los Angeles Rams/Kansas City Chiefs

Mike Elscheld, Upper Iowa - Oakland Raiders/Minnesota Vikings

Vern Emerson, Minnesota-Duluth - St. Louis Cardinals

Greg Enright, Southern Oregon  - Bengals

Pat Epperson, Adams State (Colo.) - Denver Broncos

Bernie Erickson, Abilene Christian (Texas) - San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals

Ron Essink, Grand Valley State (Mich.) - Seattle Seahawks

Wayne Estabrook, Whittier (Calif.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Larry Estes, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles/Kansas City Chiefs

David Evans, Central Arkansas - Minnesota Vikings

George Farmer, Southern (La.) - Los Angeles Rams/Miami Dolphins

Roger Farmer, Baker (Kan.) - New York Jets

Bo Farrington, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Chicago Bears

Ricky Feacher, Mississippi Valley - New England Patriots/Cleveland Browns

Willie Fears, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Green Bay

Grant Feasel, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Baltimore Colts/Indianapolis Colts/Minnesota Vikings/Seattle Seahawks

Greg Feasel, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Green Bay Packers/San Diego Chargers

Kenny Fells, Henderson State (Ark.) - Washington

Bobby Felts, Florida A&M - Baltimore Colts/Detroit Lions

Roger Finnie, Florida A&M - New York Jets/St. Louis Cardinals/New Orleans Saints

Kevin Fitzgerald, Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Green Bay Packers

Casey FitzSimmons, Carroll (Mont.) - Lions

Ray Flaherty, Gonzaga (Wash.) -

Lenn Fobbs, Grambling State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

James Folston, Cameron (Okla.) - Kansas City

James Ford, Texas Southern  - New Orleans Saints

Jim Ford, Henderson State (Ark.) - Buffalo Bills

Elbert Foules, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Jerry Fowler, Northwestern State (La.) - Houston Oilers

Wallace Francis, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Buffalo Bills/Atlanta Falcons

George Franklin, Texas A & I - Atlanta Falcons/New York Giants

Larry Franklin, Jackson State (Miss.) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Franks, Eastern New Mexico - St. Louis Cardinals

Al Frazier, Florida A&M - Denver Broncos

Charley Frazier, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers/Boston Patriots

Leslie Frazier, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Chicago Bears

Leslie Frazier, Trinity College - Chicago Bears

Willie Frazier, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Houston Oilers/San Deigo Chargers/Kansas City Chiefs

Solomon Freelon, Grambling State (La.) - Houston Oilers
Ted Fritsch, St. Norbert (Wis.) - Atlanta Falcons/Washington Redskins

William Frizzell, North Carolina Central - Detroit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles

Phil Frye, California Lutheran - Minnesota Vikings

Tom Funchess, Jackson State (Miss.) - Boston Patriots/Houston Oilers/Miami Dolphins

Robert Gaddis, Mississippi Valley - Buffalo Bills

Neil Galbraith, Central State (Ohio) - New England Patriots

Willie Galimore, Florida A&M - Chicago Bears

Ken Gamble, Fayetteville State (N.C.) - New York Jets

R.C. Gamble, South Carolina State - Boston Patriots

Jerry Gantt, North Carolina Central - Buffalo Bills

Bobby Garner, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - New Orleans Saints

Alvin Garrett, Angelo State (Texas) - New York Giants/Washington Redskins/San Diego Chargers

Carlton Garrett, New Mexico Highlands - Boston Patriots/New England Patriots/Chicago Bears/New York Jets/Oakland Raiders

J.D. Garrett, Grambling State (La.) - Denver Broncos

Len Garrett, New Mexico Highlands - Green Bay Packers/New Orleans Saints/San Francisco 49ers

Leon Garror, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Buffalo Bills

Leon Garror, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Buffalo Bills

Mark Gastineau, East Central (Okla.) - New York Jets

Frank Gatski, Marshall (W.Va.) - Cleveland/Detriot

Blenda Gay, Fayetteville State (N.C.) - San Diego Chargers/Philadelphia Eagles

Tommy Gay, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - St. Louis Cardinals

Tim George, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Tim George, Whittier (Calif.) - Cincinnati Bengals/Cleveland Browns

Carl Gersbach, West Chester State (Pa.) - Philadelphia Eagles/Minnesota Vikings/San Diego Chargers/Chicago Bears/St.Louis Cardinals

Mike Gibbons, Southwestern Oklahoma State - New York Giants

George Gilchrist, Tennessee State - Chicago Cardinals

Fernandars Gillespie, William Jewell (Mo.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

John Gilliam, South Carolina State - New Orleans Saints/St. Louis Cardinals/Minnesota Vikings/Atlanta Falcons/Chicago Bears

Hubet Ginn, Florida A&M - Miami Dolphins/Baltimore Colts/Oakland Raiders

Jerry Glanville, Northern Michigan - Atlanta Falcons

Howard Glenn, Linfield (Ore.) - New York Jets

Paul Goad, Abilene Christian (Texas) - San Francisco 49ers

Rick Goltz, Simon Fraser (B.C.) - Los Angeles Raiders

Kelly Goodburn, Emporia State (Kan.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Washington Redskins

Harry Gooden, Alcorn State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers

John Goodie, Langston (Okla.) - Colts

Herbert Goodman, Graceland (Iowa) - Green Bay Packers

Les Goodman, Yankton (S.D.) - Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers

Charlie Goodrum, Florida A&M - Minnesota Vikings

Tom Goosby, Baldwin-Wallace (Ohio) - Cleveland Browns/Washington Redskins

Cornell Gordon, North Carolina A&T - New York Jets/Denver Broncos

Darren Gottschalk, California Lutheran - New Orleans Saints

Rufus Granderson, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys

Charley Granger, Southern (La.) - Dallas Cowboys/St. Louis Cardinals

Frank Grant, Southern Colorado - Washington Redskins/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Willie Grate, South Carolina State - Buffalo Bills

Ken Gray, Howard Payne (Texas) - Chicago Cardinals/St. Louis Cardinals/Houston Oilers

Leon Gray, Jackson State (Miss.) - New England Patriots/Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints/Miami Dolphins

Arthur Green, Albany State (Ga.) - New Orleans

Boyce Green, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Cleveland Browns/Kansas City Chiefs/Seattle Seahawks
Bruce Green, Midland Lutheran (Neb.) - Bears

Cleveland Green, Southern (La.) - Miami Dolphins

Darrell Green, Texas A & I - Washington Redskins

Roy Green, Henderson State (Ark.) - St. Louis Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals

Van Green, Shaw (N.C.) - Cleveland Browns/Buffalo Bills

Doug Greene, Texas A & I - St. Louis Cardinals/Buffalo Bills

Ted Greene, Tampa (Fla.) - Dallas Cowboys

L.C. Greenwood, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Pittsburgh Steelers

Al Greer, Jackson State (Miss.) - Detroit Lions

Ken Gregory, Whittier (Calif.) - Baltimore Colts/Philadelphia Eagles/New York Jets

Jim Griffin, Grambling State (La.) - San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals

Darrell Grymes, Central State (Ohio) - Detroit Lions

Paul Guidry, McNeese State (La.) - Buffalo Bills/Houston Oilers

Phil Gurbada, Mayville State (N.D.) - Bills

Jim Gustafson, St. Thomas (Minn.) - Minnesota

Ross Gwinn, Northwestern State (La.) - New Orleans Saints

Joey Hackett, Elon (N.C.) - Denver Broncos/Green Bay Packers

Isaac Hagins, Southern (La.) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carl Hairston, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Philadelphia Eagles/Cleveland Browns/Phoenix Cardinals

Dave Hale, Ottawa (Kan.) - Chicago Bears

Ron Hall, Missouri Valley - Pittsburgh Steelers/Boston Patriots

Henry Hammond, Southwestern (Kan.) - Bears

Larry Hand, Appalachian State (N.C.) - Detroit Lions

Karl Hankton, Trinity International (Ill.) - Carolina Panthers

Brian Hansen, Sioux Falls (S.D.) - New Orleans Saints/New England Patriots/Cleveland Browns

Don Hardeman, Texas A & I - Houston Oilers/Baltimore Colts

Edgar Hardy, Jackson State (Miss.) - San Francisco 49ers

Larry Hardy, Jackson State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints

Robert Hardy, Jackson State (Miss.) - Seattle Seahawks

Lem Harkey, College of Emporia (Kan.) - San Francisco 49ers/Pittsburgh Steelers

Jack Harmon, Eastern Oregon - Colts

Tom Harmon, Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.) - Atlanta Falcons

LaRue Harrington, Norfolk State (Va.) - San Diego Chargers

Perry Harrington, Jackson State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles/St. Louis Cardinals

Cliff Harris, Ouachita Baptist (Ark.) - Dallas Cowboys

James Harris, Grambling State (La.) - Buffalo Bills/Los Angeles Rams/Sa Diego Chargers

Richard Harris, Grambling State (La.) - Philadelphia Eagles/Chicago Bears/Seattle Seahawks

Dwight Harrison, Texas A & I - Denver Broncos/Buffalo Bills

Harold Hart, Texas Southern  - Oakland Raiders/New York Giants

Tommie Hart, Morris Brown (Ga.) - San Francisco 49ers/Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints

Scott Hartenstein, Azusa Pacific University (Calif.) - Redskins

Greg Hartle, Newberry (S.C.) - St. Louis Cardinals

Ken Hartley, Catawba (N.C.) - New England Patriots

Claude Harvey, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Richard Harvey, Jackson State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles/New Orleans Saints

Jim Haslett, Indiana (Pa.) - Buffalo Bills/New York Giants

Matthew Hatchette, Langston (Okla.) - Vikings/Oakland Raiders

John Hatley, Sul Ross State (Texas) - Chicago Bears/Chicago Cardinals/Denver Broncos

Andy Hawkins, Texas A & I - Tampa Bay Buccaneers/San Diego Chargers/Kansas City Chiefs

Mike Hawkins, Texas A & I - New England Patriots/Los Angeles Raiders

Bob Hayes, Florida A&M - Dallas Cowboys

Joe Hayes, Central State (Ohio) - Philadelphia Eagles

Bob Haynes, Florida A&M - Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers

Herman Heard, Southern Colorado - Kansas City
Don Heater, Montana Tech - St. Louis Cardinals

Edward Hebert, Texas Southern  - Los Angeles Rams

Randy Hedberg, Minot State (N.D.) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Los Angeles Raiders/Green Bay Packers

Victor Hefflin, Central State (Ohio) - St. Louis Cardinals

Darius Helton, North Carolina Central - Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Henderson, Langston (Okla.) - Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers/Houston Oilers

Charlie Hennigan, Northwestern Louisiana - Houston Oilers

Steve Henry, Emporia State (Kan.) - St. Louis Cardinals/New York Giants/Baltimore Colts

Lonnie Hepburn, Texas Southern  - Baltimore Colts/Denver Broncos

Arnie Herber, Regis (Colo.) - Green Bay/NY Giants

Mike Herman, Yankton (S.D.) - St. Louis Cardinals

Don Hermann, Waynesburg (Pa.) - New York Giants/New Orleans Saints

Charles Hester, Central State (Ohio) - Oakland Raiders

David Hill, Texas A & I - Detroit Lions/Los Angeles Rams

Harlon Hill, Florence State (Ala.) - Chicago Bears/Pittsburgh Steelers/Detroit Lions

Ike Hill, Catawba (N.C.) - Buffalo Bills/Chicago Bears/Miami Dolphins

Jim Hill, Texas A & I - San Diego Chargers/Green Bay Packers/Cleveland Browns

Rod Hill, Kentucky State - Dallas Cowboys

Roy Hilton, Jackson State (Miss.) - Baltimore Colts/New York Giants/Atlanta Falcons

Mike Hintz, Wisconsin-Platteville - Chicago Bears

Doug Hire, Linfield (Ore.) - Seattle Seahawks

Austin Hise, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Kansas City Chiefs/Green Bay Packers

Sam Holden, Grambling State (La.) - New Orleans Saints

Walter Holman, West Virginia State - Washington Redskins

Willie Holman, South Carolina State - Chicago Bears/Washington Redskins

Don Holmes, Mesa State (Colo.) - St. Louis Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals

Ernie Holmes, Texas Southern  - Pittsburgh Steelers/New England Patriots

Jack Holmes, Texas Southern  - New Orleans Saints

Mel Holmes, North Carolina A&T - Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Holmes, Texas Southern  - San Francisco 49ers/Buffalo Bills/Miami Dolphins

Robert Holmes, Southern (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Houston Oilers/San Diego Chargers

James Hooks, Central State (Ohio) - Detroit Lions

Jim Hooks, Central State (Ohio) - Detroit Lions

Andy Hopkins, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Chris Horn, Rocky Mountain (Mont.) – KC Chiefs

Ron Hornsby, Southeastern Louisiana - New York Giants

Jeff Horsley, North Carolina Central - New Orleans Saints

Bill Houston, Jackson State (Miss.) - Dallas Cowboys

Ken Houston, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Washington Redskins

Andrew Howard, Grambling State (La.) - Atlanta Falcons

Billy Howard, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Detroit Lions

Gene Howard, Langston (Okla.) - New Orleans Saints/ Los Angeles Rams

Leroy Howard, Bishop (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Delles Howell, Grambling State (La.) - New Orleans Saints/New York Jets

Lane Howell, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants/Philadelphia Eagles

Mike Howell, Grambling State (La.) - Cleveland Browns/Miami Dolphins

Cal Hubbard, Geneva (Pa.) - NY Giants/Green Bay/Pittsburgh

Rich Hucke, Montana-Western - Saints

Bob Hudson, Louisiana-Monroe - Green Bay Packers/Oakland Raiders

Robert Hudson, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Green Bay Packers

Charles Huff, Presbyterian (S.C.) - Atlanta Falcons

Bob Hughes, Jackson State (Miss.) - Atlanta Falcons

Darren Hughes, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Minnesota Vikings
George Hughley, Central State (Ohio) - Washington Redskins

Tom Humphrey, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Kansas City Chiefs

Jim Hunt, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Boston Patriots

Kevin Hunt, Doane (Neb.) - Green Bay Packers/New England Patriots/Hoston Oilers, New Orleans Saints

Sam Hunt, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - New England Patriots

Daniel Hunter, Henderson State (Ark.) - Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers

James Hunter, Grambling State (La.) - Detroit Lions

Kevin Hunter, Doane (Neb.) - Packers

Ken Hutcherson, West Alabama - Dallas Cowboys/San Diego

Floyd Iglehart, Wiley (Texas) - Los Angeles

Jeff Inman, North Carolina Central - Los Angeles Rams

Glenn Inverso, Liberty (Va.) - New York Jets

Gerald Irons, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Oakland Raiders/Cleveland Browns

Harold Jackson, Jackson State (Miss.) - Los Angeles Rams/Philadelphia Eagles/New England Patriots/Minnesota Vikings/Seatlle Seahawks

James Jackson, Norfolk State (Va.) - Miami Dolphins

Johnny Jackson, Southern (La.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Lawrence Jackson, Presbyterian (S.C.) - Atlanta Falcons

Rich Jackson, Southern (La.) - Oakland Raiders/Denver Broncos

Ray Jacobs, Howard Payne (Texas) - Denver Broncos/Miami Dolphins/Boston Patriots

Claudis James, Jackson State (Miss.) - Green Bay Packers

Nate James, Florida A&M - Cleveland Browns

Robert James, Fisk (Tenn.) - Buffalo Bills

Bobby Janick, Lamar Tech (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Buffalo Bills

Tom Janick, Texas A & I - Denver Broncos/Buffalo Bills/Boston Patriots/New England Patriots

Jon Jaqua, Lewis & Clark (Ore.) - Washington Redskins

Pete Jaquess, Eastern New Mexico - Houston Oilers/Miami Dolphins/Denver Broncos

Alfred Jenkins, Morris Brown (Ga.) - Atlanta Falcons

Oscar Jenkins, Virginia Union - Atlanta Falcons

Walt Jenkins, Wayne State (Neb.) - Detroit Lions

Luther Jeralds, North Carolina Central - Dallas Cowboys

Gene Jeter, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Denver Broncos

Jim Jodat, Carthage (Wis.) - Seattle

Ove Johannson, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Philadelphia Eagles

Benny Johnson, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.) - Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints

Bill Johnson, West Alabama - New York Giants

Bob Johnson, Hanover (Ind.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Byron Johnson, Central Washington - Dallas Cowboys (1965)

Cornelius Johnson, Virginia Union - Baltimore Colts

Essex Johnson, Grambling State (La.) - Cincinnati Bengals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gary Johnson, Grambling State (La.) - San Diego Chargers/San Francisco 49ers

Jay Johnson, East Texas State - Philadelphia Eagles

John Henry Johnson, St. Mary's (Calif.) - San Fransisco/Detroit/Pittsburgh/Houston

Juan Johnson, Langston (Okla.) - Vikings

Levi Johnson, Texas A & I - Detroit Lions

Nate Johnson, Hillsdale (Mich.) - New York Giants

Preston Johnson, Florida A&M - Boston Patriots

Randy Johnson, Texas A & I - Atlanta Falcons/New York Giants/Washington Redskins/Green Bay Packers

Tracy Johnson, Morningside (Iowa) - Lions

Walter Johnson, Tuskegee (Ala.) - San Francisco 49ers

Charlie Joiner, Grambling State (La.) - Houston Oilers/Cincinnati Bengals/San Diego Chargers

Ken Jolly, MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) - Kansas City Chiefs
Arrington Jones, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - San Francisco 49ers

Bob Jones, Virginia Union - Cincinnati Bengals/Atlanta Falcons

Deacon Jones, South Carolina State - Los Angeles Rams/San Diego Chargers/Washington Redskins

Earl Jones, Norfolk State (Va.) - Atlanta Falcons

Harris Jones, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.) - San Diego Chargers/Houston Oilers/

Henry Jones, Grambling State (La.) - Denver Broncos

Homer Jones, Texas Southern  - New York Giants/Cleveland Browns

John Jones, Fisk (Tenn.) - New York Giants

Marlon Jones, Central State (Ohio) - Cleveland Browns/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Jones, Jackson State (Miss.) - Seattle Seahawks

Ray Jones, Southern (La.) - Philadelphia Eagles/Miami Dolphins/San Diego Chargers

Todd Jones, Henderson State (Ark.) - Cleveland Browns

Terry Joyce, Missouri Southern - St. Louis Cardinals

Ron Just, Minot State (N.D.) - Minnesota Vikings

Andy Katoa, Southern Oregon  - San Diego Chargers

Jim Kearney, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Detroit Lions/Kansas City Chiefs/New Orleans Saints/St. Louis Cardinals

Bob Kelley, West Texas State - Philadelphia Eagles

Brian Kelley, California Lutheran - New York Giants

Eric Kelley, Whitworth (Wash.) - Detroit Lions

Robert Kelley, Jackson State (Miss.) - Pittsburg Steelers

Jack Kemp, Occidental (Calif.) - Buffalo Bills

Aatron Kenney, Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Indianapolis

Merritt Kersey, West Chester State (Pa.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Sam Key, Elon (N.C.) - San Diego Chargers

Walter Kiesling, St. Thomas (Minn.) - Chicago/Green Bay/Pittsburgh

Bill Kindricks, Alabama A&M - Cincinnati Bengals

Don Kindt, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Chicago Bears

Tony King, Findlay (Ohio) - Buffalo Bills/San Diego Chargers

George Kinney, Wiley (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Gary Kipfmiller, Nebraska-Omaha - New York Jets

Roy Kirnsey, Maryland-Eastern Shore - New York Jets/Philadelphia Eagles

Jon Kitna, Central Washington - Seattle Seahawks, Cinncinatti Bengals

Dave Klug, Concordia (Minn.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Dave Knapman, Central Washington - Cincinnati Bengals (1969)

Gayle Knief, Morningside (Iowa) - Boston Patriots

Craig Koinzan, Doane (Neb.) - Packers

Lonnie Kolstad, Wisconsin-Whitewater - San Diego Chargers

Ed Koontz, Catawba (N.C.) - Boston Patriots

Clayton Korver, Northwestern (Iowa) - Philadelphia Eagles

Kelvin Korver, Northwestern (Iowa) - Oakland Raiders

Dave Kraayeveld, Milton (Wis.) - Seattle Seahawks

Dan Kratzer, Missouri Valley - Cincinnati Bengals/Kansas City Chiefs

Larry Krause, St. Norbert (Wis.) - Green Bay Packers

James Krempin, Texas A & I - New York Jets

Dave Krieg, Milton (Wis.) - KC Chiefs/Seattle Seahawks/Arizona Cardinals

Bob Kruse, Wayne State (Neb.) - Oakland Raiders/Buffalo Bills

Craig Kupp, Pacific Lutheran (Wash.) - New York Giants (1989)

Mike Kutter, Concordia (Minn.) - New England Patriots

Ernie Ladd, Grambling State (La.) - San Diego Chargers/Houston Oilers/Kansas City Chiefs

Dick Lage, Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.) - St. Louis Cardinals

Jimmy Laister, Oregon Tech - San Diego Chargers (1990)

Brad Lamb, Anderson (Ind.) - Buffalo Bills

Jim Langer, South Dakota State - Miami, Minnesota
Bob Langes, Wayne State (Neb.) - Baltimore Colts

Willie Lanier, Morgan State (Md.) - KC Chiefs

Bill Larson, Illinois Wesleyan - Boston Patriots

Gary Larson, Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.) - Los Angeles Rams/Minnesota Vikings

Art Laster, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Buffalo Bills

Rolland Lawrence, Tabor (Kan.) - Atlanta Falcons

Odell Lawson, Langston (Okla.) - Boston Patriots/New England Patriots/New Orleans Saints

Bob Leahy, Emporia (Kan.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Curtis Leak, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bob LeBlanc, Elon (N.C.) - Buffalo Bills

Monte Ledbetter, Northwestern State (La.) - Houston Oilers

Bivian Lee, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - New Orleans Saints

Herm Lee, Florida A&M - Pittsburgh Steelers/Chicago Bears

Billy LeFear, Henderson State (Ark.) - Cleveland Browns

Scott Leggett, Central State (Okla.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Cecil Leonard, Tuskegee (Ala.) - New York Jets

Lonnie Leonard, North Carolina A&T - Dallas Cowboys

Tony Leonard, Virginia Union - San Francisco 49ers/Detroit Lions

Darrell Lester, McNeese State (La.) - Minnesota Vikings/Denver Broncos

Leon Lett, Emporia State (Kan.) - Dallas Cowboys

Frank Lewis, Grambling State (La.) - Pittsburgh Stelers/Buffalo Bills

Mike Lewis, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers

Nate Lewis, Oregon Tech - Sand Diego Chargers (1989)

Scott Lewis, Grambling State (La.) - Houston Oilers

Stan Lewis, Wayne State (Neb.) - Cleveland Browns

David Lindley, Linfield (Ore.) - Seattle Seahawks

Bruce Livingston, Arkansas Tech - Dallas Cowboys

J.W. Lockett, Central State (Ohio) - San Francisco 49ers/Dallas Cowboys/Baltimore Colts/Washington Redskins

Oscar Lofton, Southeastern Louisiana - Boston Patriots

John Lohmeyer, Emporia State (Kan.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Doug Long, Whitworth (Wash.) - Seattle Seahawks

Clint Longley, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys/San Diego Chargers

Walter Love, Westminster (Utah) - New York Giants

Mike Loyd, Missouri Southern - St. Louis Cardinals

Peter Lucas, Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Atlanta Falcons

Mel Lunsford, Central State (Ohio) - New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders

Dee Mackey, East Texas State - San Francisco 49ers/Baltimore Colts/New York Jets

Bob Maddox, Frostburg State (Md.) - Cincinnati Bengals/Kansas City Chiefs/San Francisco 49ers

George Maderos, Chico State (Calif.) - San Francisco 49ers

Irvin Mallory, Virginia Union - New England Patriots

Roosevelt Manning, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Atlanta Falcons

Rosie Manning, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Atlanta Falcons/Philadelphia Eagles

Ken Marchiol, Mesa State (Colo.) - New Orleans Saints

Chester Marcol, Hillsdale (Mich.) - Green Bay Packers/Houston Oilers

Ed Marcontell, Lamar Tech (Texas) - St. Louis Rams/Houston Oilers

Curt Mark, Mayville State (N.D.) - Dolphins

Bud Marshall, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Green Bay Packers/Washington Redskins/Atlanta Falcons/Houston Oilers

George Marshall, Randolph-Macon (Va.) - Boston/Washington

Herb Marshall, Cameron (Okla.) - Washington Redskins

James Marshall, Jackson State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints

Larry Marshall, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Kansas City Chiefs/Minnestoa Vikings/Philadelphia Eagles/Los Angeles Rams
Randy Marshall, Linfield (Ore.) - Atlanta Falcons

Aaron Martin, North Carolina Central - Los Angeles Rams/Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins

Dee Martin, Kentucky State - New Orleans Saints

Harvey Martin, East Texas State - Dallas Cowboys

Merlin Martin, Minot State (N.D.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Tony Martin, Mesa State (Colo.) - Jets

Tony Martin, Mesa State (Colo.) - Miami Dolphins

Willie Martin, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Houston Oilers

Eugene Marve, Saginaw Valley State (Mich.) - Buffalo Bills/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jim Massey, Linfield (Ore.) - Los Angeles Rams/New England Patriots

Al Matthews, Texas A & I - Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks/San Francisco 49ers

Wes Matthews, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Miami Dolphins

Art May, Tuskegee (Ala.) - New England Patriots

Don Maynard, Texas-El Paso - NY Giants/Hamilton (CFL)/NY Titans/NY Jets/St. Louis

Dave Mays, Texas Southern  - Cleveland Browns/Buffalo Bills

Bob McAdams, North Carolina Central - New York Jets

Cliff McClain, South Carolina State - New York Jets

Dewey McClain, East Central (Okla.) - Atlanta Falcons

Willie McCray, Troy State (Ala.) - San Francisco 49ers

Dave McDaniels, Mississippi Valley - Dallas Cowboys

Mike McDonald, Catawba (N.C.) - St. Louis Cardinals

John McDowell, St. John's (Minn.) - Green Bay Packers/New York Giants/St. Louis Cardinals

George McDuffe, Findlay (Ohio) - Detroit Lions

Ben McGee, Jackson State (Miss.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

George McGee, Southern (La.) - Boston Patriots

Tony McGee, Bishop (Texas) - Chicago Bears/New England Patriots/Washington Redskins

Willie McGee, Alcorn State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers/Los Angeles Rams/San Francisco 49ers/Detroit Lions

Richard McGeorge, Elon (N.C.) - Green Bay Packers

Steve McKeaver, Central State (Ohio) - Cincinnati

Willie McKelton, Southern (La.) - Minnesota Vikings

Royce McKinney, Kentucky State - Buffalo Bills

Ted McKnight, Minnesota-Duluth - Kansas City Chiefs/Buffalo Bills

Bruce McLenna, Hillsdale (Mich.) - Detroit Lions

Bob McLeod, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Harold McLinton, Southern (La.) - Washington Redskins

Herb McMath, Morningside (Iowa) - Oakland Raiders/Green Bay Packers

Chuck McMurty, Whittier (Calif.) - Buffalo Bills/Oakland Raiders

Johnny Blood McNally, St. John's (Minn.) - Milwaulkee/Duluth/Pottsville/Green Bay/Pittsburgh

Clifton McNeil, Grambling State (La.) - Cleveland Browns/San Francisco 49ers/New York Giants/Washington Redskins/Houston Oilers

Tom McNeill, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - New Orleans Saints/Minnesota Vikings/Philadelphia Eagles

Bruce McNorton, Georgetown (Ky.) - Detroit Lions/Miami Dolphins

Charles McShane, California Lutheran - Seattle Seahawks

Ed Meador, Arkansas Tech - Rams, Philadelphia

John Mendenhall, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants/Detroit Tigers

Ruben Mendoza, Wayne State (Neb.) - Green Bay Packers

Dudley Meredith, Lamar Tech (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Buffalo Bills

Guido Merkens, Sam Houston State (Texas) - Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles

Jim Mertens, Fairmont State (W.Va.) - Miami Dolphins

Phil Micech, Wisconsin-Platteville - Minnesota Vikings

Art Michalik, St. Ambrose (Iowa) - San Francisco 49ers/Pittsburgh Steelers

Ron Mikolajczyk, Tampa (Fla.) - New York Giants

Rod Milburn, Southern-Baton Rouge (La.) - Los Angeles Rams
Bill Miller, New Mexico Highlands - Houston Oilers

Cleo Miller, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Kansas City Chiefs/Cleveland Browns

Johnny Miller, West Alabama - San Francisco 49ers

Keith Miller, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Atlanta Falcons

Les Miller, Fort Hays State (Kan.) - San Diego Chargers/Denver Broncos

Mark Miller, Mesa State (Colo.) - Buffalo Bills

Gene Milton, Florida A&M - Miami Dolphins

Hosea Minnieweather, Jackson State (Miss.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Ed Mitchell, Southern (La.) - San Diego Chargers

Leroy Mitchell, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers/Denver Broncos

Orson Mobley, Salem (W.Va.) - Denver Broncos/Indianapolis Colts

Jim Mol, Morningside (Iowa) - Oilers

Frank Molden, Jackson State (Miss.) - Los Angeles Rams/Philadelphia Eagles/New York Giants

Cle Montgomery, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Cincinnati Bengals/Cleveland Browns/Oakland Raiders/LA Raiders

Wilbert Montgomery, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Philadelphia Eagles/Detroit Lions/Denver Broncos

Doug Mooers, Whittier (Calif.) - New Orleans Saints

Derrick Moore, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Atlanta Falcons

Gene Moore, Occidental (Calif.) - San Francisco 49ers

Jeff Moore, Jackson State (Miss.) - Seattle

Ron Moore, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Packers/Atlanta Falcons

John Mooring, Tampa (Fla.) - New York Jets/New Orleans Saints

Jim Mora, Occidental (Calif.) - New Orleans Saints

Kenneth Morgan, Elon (N.C.) - Denver Broncos

Melvin Morgan, Mississippi Valley - Cincinnati Bengals/San Francisco 49ers

James Morris, Missouri Valley - Raiders

John Morris, Missouri Valley - Colts

Riley Morris, Florida A&M - Oakland Raiders

Mark Moseley, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Philadelphia Eagles/Houston Oilers/Washington Redskins/Cleveland Browns

Herschell Mosier, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Cleveland Browns

Bobby Moten, Bishop (Texas) - Denver Broncos

Marion Motley, South Carolina State - Cleveland/Pittsburgh

Howard Mudd, Hillsdale (Mich.) - San Francisco 49ers/Chicago Bears

Jamie Mueller, Benedictine (Kan.) - Buffalo Bills

Vance Mueller, Occidental (Calif.) - Los Angeles Raiders

Calvin Muhammad, Texas Southern  - Los Angeles Raiders/Washington Redskins/San Diego Chargers

Lloyd Mumphord, Texas Southern  - Miami Dolphins/Baltimore Colts

Jesse Murdock, California Western - Oakland Raiders/Buffalo Bills

Mark Murphy, West Liberty State (W.Va.) - Green Bay Packers

Bill Murrell, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - Pittsburg Steelers/St. Louis Cardinals

George Musso, Millikin (Ill.) - Chicago

Chip Myers, Northwestern Oklahoma State - San Francisco 49ers/Cincinnati Bengals

Harvey Nairn, Southern (La.) - New York Jets

Frankie Neal, Fort Hays State (Kan.) - Green Bay Packers

Lewis Neal, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Atlanta Falcons/Oakland Raiders

Richard Neal, Southern (La.) - New Orleans Saints/New York Jets

Greasy Neale, West Virginia Wesleyan - Philadelphia

Bob Neff, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Miami Dolphins

Terry Nelson, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Los Angeles Rams

Tom Neumann, Northern Michigan - Boston Patriots

Elijah Nevett, Clark (Ga.) - New Orleans Saints

Tom Newberry, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Los Angeles Rams
Billy Newsome, Grambling State (La.) - Baltimore Colts/New Orleans Saints/New York Giants/Chicago Bears

Tim Newsome, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Rams

Timmy Newsome, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - Dallas Cowboys

Mike Nichols, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Denver Broncos

John Nisby, Pacific (Ore.) - Pittsburgh Steelers/Washington Redskins

Keith Nord, St. Cloud State (Minn.) - Minnesota Vikings

Dempsey Norman, St. Francis (Ill.) - Cardinals

Dick Nyers, Indiana Central - Baltimore Colts

Vic Nyvall, Northwestern State (La.) - New Orleans Saints

Carlton Oates, Florida A&M - Oakland Raiders/Green Bay Packers

Tom Oberg, Portland State (Ore.) - Denver Broncos

Sammy Odom, Northwestern State (La.) - Houston Oilers

Christian Okoye, Azusa Pacific University (Calif.) - Kanasas City Chiefs

Mike Oliphant, Puget Sound (Wash.) - Washington Redskins/Cleveland Browns

Bob Oliver, Abilene Christian (Texas) - Cleveland Browns

Frank Oliver, Kentucky State - Buffalo Bills/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

James Osborne, Southern (La.) - Chicago Bears

Jim Osborne, Southern (La.) - Chicago Bears

John Outlaw, Jackson State (Miss.) - Boston Patriots/New England Patriots/Philadelphia Eagles

Don Overton, Fairmont State (W.Va.) - New England Patriots/Detroit Lions

Steve Owen, Phillips (Okla.) - KC/NY Giants

Joe Owens, Alcorn State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers/New Orleans Saints/Houston Oilers

R.C. Owens, College of Idaho - San Francisco

Bill Palmer, St. Thomas (Minn.) - Miami Dolphins

Luther Palmer, Virginia Union - Los Angeles Rams

Ben Paolucci, Wayne State (Neb.) - Detroit Lions

Bob Paremore, Florida A&M - St. Louis Cardinals

Ernie Park, McMurray (Texas) - San Diego Chargers/Miami Dolphins/Denver Broncos/Cincinnati Bengals

Jerry Parker, Central State (Ohio) - Cleveland Browns

Willie Parker, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Houston Oilers

Rickey Parks, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Minnesota Vikings

Ricky Patton, Jackson State (Miss.) - Minnesota Vikings

Ken Payne, Langston (Okla.) - Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles

Eddie Payton, Jackson State (Miss.) - Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers/San Francisco 49ers

Walter Payton, Jackson State (Miss.) - Chicago Bears

Archie Pearmon, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Miami Dolphins

Willie Pearson, North Carolina A&T - Miami Dolphins

Bobby Penchion, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Buffalo Bills/San Francisco 49ers/Seattle Seahawks

Woody Peoples, Grambling State (La.) - San Francisco 49ers/Philadelphia Eagles

Johnny Perkins, Abilene Christian (Texas) - New York Giants

Willis Perkins, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers/Boston Patriots

Vernon Perry, Jackson State (Miss.) - Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints

Dick Pesonen, Minnesota-Duluth - Green Bay Packers/Minnesota Vikings/New York Giants

Floyd Peters, San Francisco State (Calif.) - Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins

Blake Peterson, Mesa State (Colo.) - Washington

Bum Phillips, Stephen F. Austin (Texas) - Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints

Jack Phillips, Grambling State (La.) - Atlanta Falcons

Mel Phillips, North Carolina A&T - San Francisco 49ers

Rod Phillips, Jackson State (Miss.) - Los Angeles Rams/St. Louis Cardinals

Wesley Phillips, Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.) - Houston Oilers
Charles Philyaw, Texas Southern  - Oakland Raiders

Bob Picard, Eastern Washington - Philadelphia Eagles/Detroit Lions

Lawrence Pillers, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New York Jets/San Francisco 49ers/Atlanta Falcons

Elijah Pitts, Philander Smith (Ark.) - Green Bay Packers/Los Angeles Rams/New Orleans Saints

Frank Pitts, Southern (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Cleveland Browns/Oakland Raiders/Atlanta Falcons

Sherman Plunkett, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Baltimore Colts/San Diego Chargers/New York Jets

Bruce Polen, William Penn (Iowa) - Oakland Raiders

David Pool, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - San Diego

Bobby Pope, Western Oregon - New Orleans

Bucky Pope, Catawba (N.C.) - Los Angeles Rams/Green Bay Packers

Lewis Porter, Southern (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Rapier Porter, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Green Bay Packers

Willie Porter, Texas Southern  - Boston Patriots

William Ports, Sterling (Kan.) - Cleveland Browns

William Portz, Sterling (Kan.) - Browns

Ernest Pough, Texas Southern  - Pittsburgh Steelers/New York Giants

Carl Powell, Jackson State (Miss.) - Washington

Preston Powell, Grambling State (La.) - Cleveland Browns

John Preston, Central State (Okla.) - St. Louis Cardinals

Elex Price, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints

Ernie Price, Texas A & I - Detroit Lions/Seattle Seahawks/Cleveland Browns

Dan Pride, Jackson State (Miss.) - Chicago Bears

Joe Profit, Louisiana-Monroe - Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints

Condie Pugh, Norfolk State (Va.) - New England Patriots

Larry Pugh, Westminster (Pa.) -

Greg Quick, Catawba (N.C.) - Atlanta Falcons

Bill Rademacher, Northern Michigan - New York Jets/Boston Patriots

George Ragsdale, North Carolina A&T - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Randy Rasmussen, Kearney State (Neb.) - New York Jets

Ricky Ray, Norfolk State (Va.) - New Orleans Saints/Miami Dolphins

Alvin Reed, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Washington Redskins

Barry Reed, Peru State (Neb.) - Vikings

Matthew Reed, Grambling State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

Smith Reed, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New York Giants

Taft Reed, Jackson State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Don Reese, Jackson State (Miss.) - Miami Dolphins/New Orleans Saints/San Diego Chargers

Al Reynolds, Tarkio (Mo.) - St. Louis Cardinals/New England Patriots

Earnest Rhone, Henderson State (Ark.) - Miami Dolphins

Andy Rice, Texas Southern  - Kansas City Chiefs/San Diego Chargers/Chicago Bears/New York Giants

Al Richardson, Grambling State (La.) - Boston Patriots

Eddie Richardson, Southern (La.) - New York Giants

Golster Richardson, Jackson State (Miss.) - Kansas City/Dallas Cowboys/Cleveland Browns

Jerry Richardson, Wofford (S.C.) - Baltimore Colts

Tom Richardson, Jackson State (Miss.) - Boston Patriots

Willie Richardson, Jackson State (Miss.) - Baltimore Colts/Miami Dolphins

Colin Ridgeway, Lamar Tech (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys

Joe Righetti, Waynesburg (Pa.) - Cleveland Browns

Butch Riley, Texas A & I - Baltimore Colts

Ken Riley, Florida A&M - Cincinnati Bengals

Larry Riley, Salem (W.Va.) - Denver Broncos/New York Jets

Franklin Roberts, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Minnesota Vikings

Isiah Robertson, Southern (La.) - Los Angeles Rams/Buffalo Bills

Nakita Robertson, Central Arkansas – Chicago
Archie Robinson, Hillsdale (Mich.) - Miami Dolphins

Darwin Robinson, Dakota State (S.D.) - Redskins

Virgil Robinson, Grambling State (La.) - New Orleans Saints

Andy Robustelli, Arnold (Conn.) - New York Giants

Alden Roche, Southern (La.) - Denver Broncos/Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahwaks

Willie Rodgers, Kentucky State  - Houston Oilers

Mel Rogers, Florida A&M - San Diego Chargers/Los Angeles Rams/Chicago Bears

Jim Romaniszyn, Edinboro State (Pa.) - Cleveland Browns/New England Patriots

Jim Romaniszyn, Edinboro State (Pa.) - Cleveland Browns

Rich Romer, Union (Ky.) - Bengals

Al Romie, Florence State (Ala.) - Green Bay Packers/Denver Broncos/Boston Patriots

Jay Rood, Southern Arkansas - Chicago Bears

Durwood Roquemore, Texas A & I - Kansas City Chiefs/Buffalo Bills

Donovan Rose, Hampton (Va.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Miami Dolphins

Alvin Ross, Central State (Okla.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Louis Ross, South Carolina State - Buffalo Bills/Kansas City Chiefs

Nathaniel Ross, Bethune-Cookman (Fla.) - Green Bay Packers

Oliver Ross, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Denver Broncos

Aubrey Rozelle, Delta State (Miss.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Rob Rubick, Grand Valley State (Mich.) - Detroit Lions

Conrad Rucker, Southern (La.) - Houston Oilers/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Los Angeles Rams

Council Rudolph, Kentucky State - Houston Oilers/St. Louis Cardinals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Runnells, North Texas State - Washington Redskins

Wade Russell, Taylor (Ind.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Ken Sager, Western Washington - Seattle Seahawks

Howard Salterwhite, Sam Houston State (Texas) - New York Jets/Washington Redskins/Baltimore Colts

Johnny Sample, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Baltimore Colts/Pittsburgh Steelers/Washington Redskins/New York Jets

Harold Sampson, Southern (La.) - Green Bay Packers

John Samuelson, Azusa Pacific University (Calif.) - Buccaneers

Danny Sanders, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - New York Jets

Ken Sanders, Howard Payne (Texas) - Detroit Lions

Alex Sandusky, Clarion State (Pa.) - Baltimore Colts

Mac Sauls, Southwest Texas State - Atlanta Falcons

Mike Savoy, Black Hills State (S.D.) - Cardinals

Ron Sayers, Nebraska-Omaha - San Diego Chargers

Dwight Scales, Grambling State (La.) - Los Angeles Rams/New York Giants/San Diego Chargers/Seattle Seahawks

Noel Scarlett, Langston (Okla.) - Vikings

Albert Schmidt, Pittsburg State (Kan.) - Los Angeles Rams

Fran Schmitz, St. Norbert (Wis.) - San Diego Chargers

Herbert Scott, Virginia Union - Dallas Cowboys

Lynn Scott, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Dallas Cowboys

Sam Seale, Western State (Colo.) - Los Angeles Raiders/San Diego Chargers

Goldie Sellers, Grambling State (La.) - Denver Broncos/Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Selzler, St. John's (Minn.) - San Francisco 49ers

Tom Sestak, McNeese State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

Tony Settles, Elon (N.C.) - Washington Redskins

Brent Sexton, Elon (N.C.) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Bob Shaw, Winston-Salem (N.C.)  - New Orleans Saints

Art Shell, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Oakland Raiders/Los Angeles Raiders

Bennie Shepherd, Arkansas Tech - Miami Dolphins

George Shirkey, Austin College (Texas) - Houston Oilers/Oakland Raiders

Bill Shockley, West Chester State (Pa.) - New York Jets/Buffalo Bills/Pittsburgh Steelers
Chuck Shonta, Eastern Michigan  - Boston Patriots

Cleo Simmons, Jackson State (Miss.) - Dallas Cowboys

Ed Simmons, Eastern Washington - Washington Redskins

Leon Simmons, Grambling State (La.) - Denver Broncos

Linwood Simmons, Edward Waters (Fla.) - Chiefs

Stan Simmons, Lewis & Clark (Ore.) - Cleveland Browns

Victor Simmons, Central State (Ohio) - Dallas Cowboys

Willie Simpson, San Francisco State (Calif.) - Oakland Raiders

Mikey Sims, South Carolina State - Cleveland Browns

Manny Sistrunk, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Washington Redskins/Philadelphia Eagles

Justin Skaggs, Evangel (Mo.) - Washington Redskins

Jackie Slater, Jackson State (Miss.) - Los Angeles Rams

Richard Sligh, North Carolina Central - Oakland Raiders

Eldridge Small, Texas A & I - New York Giants

Larry Smiley, Texas Southern  - Minnesota Vikings

Tom Smiley, Lamar Tech (Texas) - Cincinnati Bengals/Denver Broncos/Houston Oilers

Allen Smith, Findlay (Ohio) - New York Jets

Charlie Smith, Abilene Christian (Texas) - San Francisco 49ers

Dan Smith, Northeastern State (Okla.) - Denver Broncos

Don Smith, Florida A&M - Denver Broncos

Donnell Smith, Southern (La.) - Green Bay Packers/New England Patriots

Ed Smith, Colorado College - Denver Broncos

Horace Smith, Oregon Tech - Cincinnati Bengals (1991)

J.D. Smith, North Carolina A&T - Chicago Bears/San Francisco 49ers/Houston Oilers

Jackie Smith, Northwestern State (La.) - St. Louis Cardinals

Jimmy Smith, Elon (N.C.) - Washington Redskins/Los Angeles Raiders

Reggie Smith, North Carolina Central - Atlanta Falcons/New York Jets

Ricky Smith, Alabama State - New England Patriots/Washington Redskins/Detroit Lions

Dave Snesrud, Hamline (Minn.) - Oakland Raiders

Brian Sochia, Northwestern Oklahoma State - Houston Oilers/Miami Dolphins/Denver Broncos

Jim Sorey, Texas Southern  - Buffalo Bills

Rich Sowells, Alcorn State (Miss.) - New York Jets/Houston Oilers

Julian Spence, Sam Houston State (Texas) - Chicago Cardinals/San Francisco 49ers/Houston Oilers

Allen Spencer, Pittsburg State (Kan.) - Minnesota Vikings

Herb Spencer, Newberry (S.C.) - Atlanta Falcons

Mo Spencer, North Carolina Central - New Orleans Saints

Bob Squires, Hastings (Neb.) - Chiefs

Len St. Jean, Northern Michigan - Boston Patriots/New England Patriots

Jeff Stanciel, Mississippi Valley - Atlanta Falcons

Walter Stanley, Mesa State (Colo.) - Green Bay Packers/Detroit Lions/Washington Redskins

Chris Stecher, Claremont-Mudd (Calif.) - Atlanta Falcons

Troy Stedman, Washburn (Kan.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Harold Stephens, Hardin-Simmons (Texas) - New York Jets

John Sterling, Central State (Okla.) - Green Bay Packers

Tom Stestak, McNeese State (La.) - Buffalo Bills

Ed Stewart, East Central (Okla.) - Cleveland Browns

Jim Stienke, Southwest Texas State - Cleveland Browns

Andy Stokes, William Penn (Iowa) - Patriots

Smokey Stover, Louisiana-Monroe - Dallas Cowboys/Kansas City Chiefs

John Strada, William Jewell (Mo.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Art Strahan, Texas Southern  - Atlanta Falcons

Ray Strahan, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers

Thomas Strauthers, Jackson State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles/Detroit Lions/Minnesota Vikings

Larry Strickland, North Texas State - Chicago Bears
Terry Strouf, Wisconsin-LaCrosse - Phoenix

Charlie Stukes, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Baltimore Colts/Los Angeles Rams

Kent Sullivan, California Lutheran - Houston

Doug Sutherland, Wisconsin-Superior - New Orleans Saints/Minnesota Vikings/Seattle Seahawks

Walter Sutton, Southwest State (Minn.) - Atlanta Falcons

Al Sykes, Florida A&M - New England Patriots

J.J. Syvrud, Jamestown (N.D.) - Jets

Ben Tate, North Carolina Central - Detroit

Darian Tate, Walsh (Ohio) - Carolina Panthers

Frank Tate, North Carolina Central - San Diego Chargers

John Tate, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Giants

Bob Taylor, Maryland-Eastern Shore - New York Giants

Chad Taylor, Catawba (N.C.) - Baltimore Colts

David Taylor, Catawba (N.C.) - Baltimore Colts

Joe Taylor, North Carolina A&T - Chicago Bears

Lionel Taylor, New Mexico Highlands - Chicago Bears/Denver Broncos/Houston Oilers

Otis Taylor, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Kansas City Chiefs

Rosey Taylor, Grambling State (La.) - Chicago Bears/San Francisco 49ers/Washington Redskins

Sammy Taylor, Grambling State (La.) - San Diego Chargers

Matthew Teague, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Atlanta Falcons

Lawrence Texada, Henderson State (Ark.) - New York Jets

James Thatcher, Langston (Okla.) - Steelers

Harry Theofiledes, Waynesburg (Pa.) - Washington Redskins

Emmitt Thomas, Bishop (Texas) - Kansas City Chiefs

Gene Thomas, Florida A&M - Kansas City Chiefs/Boston Patriots/Oakland Raiders

Ike Thomas, Bishop (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys/Green Bay Packers/Buffalo Bills

John Thomas, Valley City State (N.D.) - Giants

Lee Thomas, Jackson State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals/

Rich Thomaselli, West Virginia Wesleyan - Houston Oilers

Billy Thompson, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Denver Broncos

Rick Thone, Arkansas Tech - Green Bay Packers

Mark Thorson, Ottawa (Kan.) - Green Bay Packers

Clifford Thrift, East Central (Okla.) - San Diego Chargers/Chicago Bears/Los Angeles Rams

Andrae Thurman, Southern Oregon  - Green Bay Packers

Fred Thurston, Valparaiso (Ind.) - Green Bay

Ken Times, Southern (La.) - San Francisco 49ers/St. Louis Cardinals

Charley Tolar, Northwestern State (La.) - Houston Oilers

Marco Tongue, Bowie State (Md.) - Baltimore Colts/Buffalo Bills

Luc Tousignant, Fairmont State (W.Va.) - Buffalo

Bob Tucker, Bloomsburg (Pa.) - New York Giants/Minnesota Vikings

Wendell Tucker, South Carolina State - Los Angeles Rams

Walter Tullis, Delaware State - Green Bay Packers

Goodwin Turk, Southern (La.) - New York Jets/Denver Broncos

Bulldog Turner, Hardin-Simmons (Texas) - Chicago

Jimmie Turner, Presbyterian (S.C.) - Dallas Cowboys

Vernon Turner, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Rams

Wylie Turner, Angelo State (Texas) - Green Bay Packers

Mike Ulmer, Doane (Neb.) - Chicago Bears/Philadelphia Eagles

Gene Upshaw, Texas A & I - Oakland Raiders

David Viaene, Minnesota-Duluth - New England Patriots/Houston Oilers

Ray Waddy, Texas A & I - Washington Redskins

Donnie Walker, Central State (Ohio) - Buffalo Bills/New York Jets

Wayne Walker, Northwestern State (La.) - Kansas City Chiefs/Houston Oilers

Calvin Wallace, West Virginia Tech - Green Bay Packers
Wayne Walton, Abilene Christian (Texas) - New York Giants/Kansas City Chiefs

David Ward, Southern Arkansas - Cincinnati Bengals/New England Patriots

Derrick Ward, Ottawa (Kan.) - Jets/Giants

Paul Ward, Whitworth (Wash.) - Detroit Lions

Ernie Warlick, North Carolina Central - Buffalo Bills

Bob Warner, Bloomsburg (Pa.) - Denver Broncos

Charley Warner, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Kansas City Chiefs/Buffalo Bills

David Warnke, Augusburg (Minn.) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ralph Warthen, Gardner-Webb (N.C.) - Washington

Charles Washington, Cameron (Okla.) - Indianapolis Colts/Kansas City Chiefs

Clarence Washington, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Pittsburgh Steelers

Dave Washington, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Denver Broncos/Buffalo Bills/San Francisco 49ers

Sam Washington, Mississippi Valley - Pittsburgh Steelers/Cincinnati Benagals

Ted Washington, Mississippi Valley - Houston Oilers

Theodore Washington, Mississippi Valley - Kansas City Chiefs

Bob Waters, Presbyterian (S.C.) - San Francisco 49ers

Bobby Watkins, Southwestern (Texas) - Detroit

Larry Watkins, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Detroit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles/Buffalo Bills/New York Giants

Ed Watson, Grambling State (La.) - Hoston Oilers

Bob Watters, Lincoln (Mo.) - New York Jets

Randy Watts, Catawba (N.C.) - Dallas Cowboys/Kansas City Chiefs

Cephus Weatherspoon, Fort Lewis (Colo.) - New Orleans Saints

Ken Webb, Presbyterian (S.C.) - Detroit Lions/Cleveland Browns

Chuck Weber, West Chester State (Pa.) - Cleveland Browns/Chicago Cardinals/Philadelphia Eagles

David Weber, Carroll (Mont.) - Raiders

Dave Webster, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Dallas Cowboys

Randell Webster, Southwestern Oklahoma State - Los Angeles

Dave Weedman, Western Washington - Washington Redskins (1967)

Lee Weigel, Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Green Bay Packers

Sammy Weir, Arkansas State - Houston Oilers/New York Jets

Clayton Weishuhn, Angelo State (Texas) - New England Patriots/Green Bay Packers

Jeff Welch, Arkansas Tech - Washington Redskins

Warren Wells, Texas Southern  - Detroit Lions/Oakland Raiders

John Wesley, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Cleveland Browns

Bill West, Eastern Oregon - Lions

Dave West, Central State (Ohio) - New York Jets

Cleve Wester, Concordia (Minn.) - Detroit Lions

Curtis Wester, East Texas State - Cleveland Browns

Dick Westmoreland, North Carolina A&T - San Diego Chargers/Miami Dolphins

Albert White, Fort Valley State (Ga.) - Kansas City Chiefs

Andre White, Florida A&M - Denver Broncos/Cincinnati Bengals/San Diego Chargers

Gene White, Florida A&M - Oakland Raiders

John White, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers

Lawrence White, Dana (Neb.) - Chicago Bears

Sammy White, Grambling State (La.) - Minnesota Vikings

Hall Whitley, Texas A & I - New York Jets

C.L. Whittington, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers

William Wideman, North Carolina A&T - New York Giants

Doug Wilkerson, North Carolina Central - Houston Oilers/San Diego Chargers

Richard Wilkins, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Denver Broncos

Alonzo Williams, Mesa State (Colo.) - Los Angeles Rams

Bobby Williams, Central State (Ohio) - St. Louis Cardinals/Detroit Lions

Brian Williams, Southern (La.) - New England Patriots

Clyde Williams, Southern (La.) - St. Louis Cardinals
Donnie Williams, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Los Angeles Rams

Ed Williams, Langston (Okla.) - Cincinnati Bengals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Erik Williams, Central State (Ohio) - Dallas Cowboys

Erwin Williams, Maryland-Eastern Shore - Pittsburgh Steelers

Gerard Williams, Langston (Okla.) - Washington Redskins/San Francisco 49ers/St. Louis Cardinals/San Francisco 49ers

Herb Williams, Southern (La.) - San Francisco 49ers/St. Louis Cardinals

Jim Williams, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Cincinnati Bengals

Joel Williams, Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Atlanta Falcons/Philadelphia Eagles/Atlanta Falcons

Larry Williams, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Kansas City

Mahlon Williams, North Carolina Central - New York Jets

Monk Williams, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Cincinnati Bengals

Ralph Williams, Southern (La.) - Houston Oilers/New Orleans Saints

Richard Williams, Abilene Christian (Texas) - New Orleans Saints

Ricky Williams, Langston (Okla.) - Los Angeles Raiders/New England Patriots

Roger Williams, Grambling State (La.) - Los Angeles Rams

Sid Williams, Southern (La.) - Cleveland Browns/Washington Redskins/Baltimore Colts/Pittsburgh Steelers

Van Williams, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) - Buffalo

Willie Williams, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants/Oakland Raiders

Mike Wilson, Western Illinios - St. Louis Cardinals

Nemiah Wilson, Grambling State (La.) - Oakland Raiders/Chicago Bears

Wade Wilson, East Texas State - Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys

Wayne Wilson, Shepherd (W.Va.) - New Orleans Saints/Minnesota Vikings/Washington Redskins/Houston Oilers

Ed Wimberly, Jackson State (Miss.) - Chicago Bears

Dean Wink, Yankton (S.D.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Randy Winkler, Tarleton State (Texas) - Detroit Lions/Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers

Kelton Winslow, Wiley (Texas) - Los Angeles Rams

Paul Winslow, North Carolina Central - Green Bay Packers

Phil Wise, Nebraska-Omaha - New York Jets/Minnesota Vikings

Freddie Wodoson, Florida A&M - Miami Dolphins

Dick Woit, Arkansas State - Detroit Lions

Al Wolden, Bemidji State (Minn.) - Chicago Bears

Jim Wolf, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Pittsburgh Steelers/Kansas City Chiefs

Royce Womble, North Texas State - Baltimore Colts/Los Angeles Rams

Bill Wondolowski, Eastern Montana - San Francisco 49ers

Otis Wonsley, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Washington Redskins

Bill Wood, West Virginia Wesleyan - New York Jets

Dennis Woodberry, Southern Arkansas - Atlanta Falcons/Washington Redskins

Glenn Woods, Prairie View A&M (Texas) - Houston Oilers

Roscoe Word, Jackson State (Miss.) - New York Jets/Buffalo Bills/Tampa Bay Buccanneers

Dana Wright, Findlay (Ohio) - Cincinnati Bengals

George Wright, Sam Houston State (Texas) - Baltimore Colts/Cleveland Browns

Gordon Wright, Delaware State - Philadelphia Eagles/New York Jets

Willie Wright, North Carolina A&T - Oakland Raiders

Al Young, South Carolina State - Pittsburgh Steelers

James Young, Texas Southern  - Houston Oilers

Rickey Young, Jackson State (Miss.) - San Diego Chargers/Minnesota Vikings

Roynell Young, Alcorn State (Miss.) - Philadelphia Eagles

Wilber Young, William Penn (Iowa) - Kansas City Chiefs/San Diego Chargers/Washington Redskins

John Zamberlin, Pacific Lutheran (Wash.) - New England Patriots/Kansas City Chiefs

Emanuel Zanders, Jackson State (Miss.) - New Orleans Saints/Chicago Bears

Ed Zeman, Fort Lewis (Colo.) - Los Angeles Rams

Coleman Zeno, Grambling State (La.) - New York Giants



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