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2017 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance National Championships — Day 1 Recap

March 10, 2017
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Story by NAIA National Office, Photos by Josh Robinson

OKLAHOMA CITY – (Finals Schedule on Saturday) After preliminary rounds on Day 1 at the NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance (CCD) National Championships, Oklahoma City tops the cheer list while Midland (Neb.) owns the lead in the dance category. On Saturday, the finals take place at 10 a.m. CDT (cheer) and 12:15 p.m. (dance) with the awards ceremony set to go at 2:25 p.m. The event takes place on the campus of Oklahoma City University at Abe Lemons Arena.

Today marks the first-ever National Championship in the two sports. The NAIA is the only collegiate athletics association to offer a national championship in these sports. To watch all of the competition, go to

Preliminary scores counted towards 25 percent of a team’s overall score. Each team will perform in the finals when scores will count for 75 percent of the total score. Tomorrow, Teams are placed in order based on the standings after the Preliminary Round.

Leading the cheer pack with 89.37 in the prelim round, Oklahoma City displayed excellent tumbling skills and had a high degree of difficulty on their stunts. Head Coach Alicia Bailey commented on her team’s routines.

“We’re really excited about our performance today. We feel like it’s a great way to set the tone for tomorrow.”

Even though we performed well, the squad is looking to make improvements tomorrow, especially in the areas they received deductions in today. They really care about each other and want to perform well as a team.”

Saint Francis (Ind.), checking in with a second-place prelim score of 80.77, hit all of their stunts and commanded the floor well. They enter Saturday looking to bring home the title. Davenport (Mich.)

Midland maintained intricate choreography, precise formations and commanded the floor en route to a lead after the prelim round (92.27 points). Aquinas (Mich.) follows in second with 87.97 points and Baker (Kan.) stands third with 85.48 points.

Midland coach Trish Ryan details her team’s performance today. “Every year we see teams really raising the bar with choreography, execution, and technical skill and this year is not different.”

I was really specific when I picked the team this year. In addition to being great dancers, they’re great people and very supportive of each other. We actually had a more difficult routine in the qualifier round, but scaled it back a little bit to make sure we could hit everything and put our best foot forward.”

Preliminary Standings
1. Oklahoma City, 89.37
2. Saint Francis (Ind.), 80.77
3. Davenport (Mich.), 76.97
4. Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.), 76.68
5. Missouri Valley, 75.02
6. St. Ambrose (Iowa), 73.27
7. St. Gregory’s, 72.77
8. Concordia (Mich.), 72.40
9. Lourdes (Mich.), 71.78
10. Bethel (Kan.), 65.30
11. Indiana Wesleyan, 62.32
12. MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.), 61.38

1. Midland (Neb.), 92.27
2. Aquinas (Mich.), 87.97
3. Baker (Kan.), 85.48
4. Morningside (Iowa), 83.83
5. Oklahoma City, 83.65
6. Grand View (Iowa), 81.15
7. St. Ambrose (Iowa), 80.42
8. Missouri Baptist, 74.13
9. Siena Heights (Mich.), 70.53
10. Central Methodist (Mo.), 63.88
11. Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.), 60.38
12. Stephens (Mo.), 59.65

Competitive Cheer & Dance Student-Athletes:

Beginning with the Fall 2015 term, all first-time NAIA Competitive Cheer and Dance student-athletes will need to have an “Eligible” decision from the NAIA Eligibility Center before participating in competition.

The Eligibility Center is already accepting and completing Early Decisions for qualified students.

Do you need to register at The answer is “yes” if:

• You are currently in high school

• You do not currently attend an NAIA college or university, regardless of participation in Competitive Cheer and Dance

• You attend an NAIA college or university but have NOT previously competed in Competitive Cheer and Dance

• You have previously participated in Competitive Cheer and Dance at an NAIA school but did NOT receive an eligibility certification from your school.