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Character Training Courses

The NAIA's character training program and certification process is a voluntary professional development program designed for those individuals seeking to positively impact sports.

Each Character Training Course (CTC) is taught by a member of the Champions of Character™ Advisory Board. Courses will be available online, during the NAIA National Convention and at selected locations. For more information about Character Training Courses please contact Kathy Busch, Champions of Character Coordinator.

CTC 101

Champions of Character Overview


This course explores the need for character education and examines the philosophy of character-driven athletics.

CTC 102

Champions of Character Fundamentals

This course provides the foundation of the 3 main presentations to student-athletes, coaches and parents. Prerequisite course for CTC 302, 303 and 304

CTC 201

Champions of Character Campus based Strategies and Organizational Principles for Member Institutions


This course provides organizational strategies and best practices for developing teams of character.

CTC 202

Champions of Character Outreach Strategies and Organizational Principles for High School Organizations


This course provides best practices for developing effective outreach programs to high schools.

CTC 203

Hospitality and Event Management


This course examines the best practices for establishing a character-driven game environment.

CTC 301

Champions of Character Teacher Training

This course is designed for those intending to pursue a Master Champion of Character certification.

CTC 302

Champions of Character Fundamental Presentation-How to Teach Character Through Sport


Deliver the presentation How to Teach Character Through Sport and have your presentation evaluated by the Advisory Board. Submit your video presentation via email.

CTC 303

Champions of Character Fundamental Presentation-Redefining the Term Athlete


Deliver the presentation Redefining the Term Athlete and have your presentation evaluated by the Advisory Board. Submit your video presentation via email.

CTC 304

Champions of Character Fundamental Presentation-The Role of Parents in Athletics


Deliver the presentation The Role of Parents in Athletics and have your presentation evaluated by the Advisory Board. Submit your video presentation via email.

CTC 400

Champions of Character Capstone Project


Project is a paper and presentation on a topic which must pre-approved by the Champions of Character National Faculty. The Advisory Board reviews all submitted papers and presentations, recommends changes and decides if it will be presented at the National Convention. Upon presentation at Convention, all courses completed, and with the approval of the National Faculty the individual attains a Master Champion of Character certification and the topic may become an additional course. Must be submitted for Convention approval by August 1st.

Additional Courses

CTC 001

Blowing the Whistle on Character Education


Examines the role of officiating in sports and its impact on fan behavior, crowd control, sportsmanship and the future of sport. Also reviews the responsibilities of the five partners in athletics; student-athletes, fans, administrators, officials and coaches.

CTC 002

Coaches as Moral Influencers


Learn the “how” and “why” a coach is an influence on moral character. Best practices will be shared on how a coach can have a moral influence on the student-athlete.

CTC 003

Fan Behavior


The Champions of Character banner is hanging in your gym, but does the opposing team believe you are a 5-Star Institution. How do your fans behave? Creating awareness of the impact of negative fan behavior on opposing teams, specifically on the basis of race and gender. Turn this awareness into an opportunity to create positive leaders in your fans.

CTC 004

Competition & Character


“Sport builds character” – this is a common belief among coaches, athletes, parents, and administrators alike. But when, how, and why does competition actually promote positive character development?

CTC 005

Coaches Actions: The Key to Building Character Athletes

Four major ideas are presented on how to build character in athletes. First, the challenge of character development. Second, the concepts of character development. Third, the role of the coach in instilling character. Last, principles to enhance character development in college athletes.