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August 16, 2012
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NAIA Guide for the College Bound Student- Athlete

Your NAIA Game Plan

• What about financial aid and scholarships?

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Women's tennis was added as a championship event program in 1981. The NAIA was the first intercollegiate sports governing body to provide championship opportunities for both men and women when the women's program was established 1980.

SEASON: Spring

RULES: The official rules of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association will be followed in all regular and post-season competitions with NAIA- Tennis Coaches Association approved modifications.


NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FORMAT: 24 teams compete in each of the men's and women's championships. The top 8 teams will receive a first round bye. The National Championships will utilize a 3-6 format. Doubles matches will count as 1 point each. Those matches will be an 8 game pro set with a 12-point tiebreaker at 8 all. Single matches will be 2 out of 3 sets with a 12-point tie-break in any set that reaches 6-all.

Find answers in the NAIA Guide to the College-Bound Student-Athlete!
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•  What's different about recruiting in the NAIA?
•  Can I visit a campus for a tryout?
•  What about financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans?
•  Do I meet the freshman eligibility requirements?
•  What if I didn't attend a U.S. high school?
•  The NAIA Eligibility Center
•  What are the transfer student eligibility requirements?
•  Who's considered a professional in the NAIA?
•  How long can I compete?
•  What happens if I suffer an injury during college?
•  What if I've competed in my sport outside of college?
•  How do I remain eligible during college?

Register early with the NAIA Eligibility Center. It's required for any student who plans to attend an NAIA school. By registering, you also have the chance to let NAIA coaches know you're interested in playing in college. Our Connections service search allows you to check out which schools offer your sport, major and size that fits your interests. Register today!

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NAIA Women's Tennis Championship
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