Official & Policy Handbook

The NAIA Official Handbook & Policy Handbook contains the constitution, bylaws (including casebook examples) and other legal information covering the structure and governance of the organization.

2015-2016 Handbook


 Table of Contents
 How to Use the Handbook
 2015 Amendments
 Bylaws (including casebook examples)
 Council of Presidents
 National Administrative Council
 Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives


Archive editions of the NAIA Handbook

2010-11  |  2011-12  |  2012-13  |  2013-14  |  2014-15  | 2015-16



NAIA Year End Report Guide for Athletics Directors offers instructions for submitting the required annual report in NAIAHelp.

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What do student-athletes need to do to maintain their eligibility? A new poster for faculty athletics representatives highlights the key requirements.
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