Official & Policy Handbook

The NAIA Official Handbook & Policy Handbook contains the constitution, bylaws (including casebook examples) and other legal information covering the structure and governance of the organization.

2016-2017 Handbook


 Table of Contents
 How to Use the Handbook
 2016 Amendments
 Bylaws (including casebook examples)
 Council of Presidents
 National Administrative Council
 Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives  
 Council for Student-Athletes


Archive editions of the NAIA Handbook

2010-11  |  2011-12  |  2012-13  |  2013-14  |  2014-15  | 2015-16



NAIA Year End Report Guide for Athletics Directors offers instructions for submitting the required annual report in NAIAHelp.

Stay in the Game poster
for student-athletes
What do student-athletes need to do to maintain their eligibility? A new poster for faculty athletics representatives highlights the key requirements.
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