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Watch these short videos about NAIA eligibility rules.


  Academic Eligibility regarding Full-time Enrollment and Terms of Attendance (PPT)
Athletic Eligibility and Timeline for Competing (PPT)
Academic Eligibility for 1st and 2nd Term Freshmen (PPT)
Academic Eligibility for Continuing Students (PPT) Academic Eligibility for Continuing Students (PPT)
Eligibility Considerations for Transfer Students (PPT) Financial Aid COP Policy (PPT)
Practice and Playing Limits (PPT)  Recruiting Limitations (PPT) Introduction to Amateurism Bylaws (PPT)  How Emerging and Invitational Sports are Treated (PPT)

Process for Requesting Exception to a Standing Rule  (PPT)


Competitive Experience and Outside Seasons of Competition (PPT)


Rules and Education 


  Eligibility 101 - The Basics
Eligibility 2.0 - Advanced Applications Case Studies (Full)
Case Studies Questions Case Studies Answers Basics of Eligibility PPT Advanced Eligibility PPT
Bylaws Full Presentation  PPT  Bylaws Full Presentation Document  Bylaws Into Practice - Questions Only  Bylaws Into Practice - Answers Only

Eligibility Tests

  Athletic Director's Eligibilty Test (Full Version) Athletic Director's Eligibility Test (Short Version) Coach's Eligibility Test
  Customizable PowerPoint  
  Faculty Athletics Representative Eligibility Test Customizable PowerPoint