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Potential Qualifier Packet: Outdoor Track & Field

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Each academic year all eligible NAIA student-athletes must sign a Consent Form in which he or she consents to be tested for the use of drugs prohibited by the NAIA Banned Substance List to participate in any NAIA National Championship competitions. This Consent Form shall be administered and kept by each individual institution.

Each institution will be responsible for verifying a signed consent form is on file for each participating student-athlete on the official postseason roster form. At packet pick-up/check-in, each coach will need to turn in the receipt of declared student-athletes from Direct Athletics along with the Official Certification of Student-Athlete Consent Form; with this form each institution is officially verifying that all student-athletes on the postseason roster have completed a drug testing consent form and are thus eligible to participate in postseason competition.

NAIA drug-testing is a possibility at any and all NAIA championship rounds and sites. However, as a best practice, the NAIA will not announce whether or not drug testing will occur at any specific venue. Although knowing prior to competition if NAIA drug testing was to occur has value for reasons of convenience, it leaves open the possibility that student-athletes might be tempted to use banned substances if they knew that NAIA testing was not being conducted at the site of competition.

Championship Forms


 • Champions of Character Outreach Program (Deadline to sign-up May 18th)

 • Credential & Team Information Survey (DUE May 17th at 5pm CST)

 • Medical Information Form (DUE May 17th at 5pm CST)

 • Gulf Shores Accommodations Survey (DUE May 17th at 5pm CST)

 •  Appeal Form

 •  Relay Card

Award Nominaion Forms


 • Champion of Character Individual Award - Teams with 5+ of the specified gender are eligible (DUE May 17th at 5pm CST)

 • Buffalo Funds Five Star Champions of Character Team Nomination Form - All schools sponsoring Outdoor Track & Field are eligible (Due May 9th at 5pm CST)

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