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Women's Volleyball


Play with Joy for the Game

January 18, 2012
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Name: Kelsey Carr
College/University: Taylor University (Ind.)
Year in school: Freshman
Major: Exercise Science
Sport: Volleyball

1. What is one thing you didn't know as a freshman coming into college that you wish someone would have told you?
I wish someone would have told me that college sports would be extremely intense and challenging, but that I would grow tremendously as a person.

2. What do you like most about competing in college sports?
I love striving for excellence with those you care about so much. I love that intensity and energy that occurs within our team while we compete.

3. What do you like in your teammates?
I love the support my team provides one another. I know that each of us would be there for one another through anything. They bring such joy to my life.

4. What do you like most about your college team?
The hard work and dedication my team is willing to put in to be excellent.

5. Do you have a mentor? If so, who and what is the best piece of advice he/she has ever given you?
My biggest mentor in my life would be my father. He taught me the value of being humble and of serving others.

6. What is a unique strength you bring to your team?
My unique strength I bring to my team is a fresh competitiveness. I love being able to bring intensity to our team through my play and to push, especially those who have been in the program longer, to get better and to always strive to be their best.

7. What is one thing you do in practice that helps you reach your goals?
I constantly remind myself in practice to play with joy. I try to always play with joy for the game and with the joy that God has given me through this opportunity to play volleyball at Taylor. Through this joy I am better able to play without fear and to be proactive.

8. How do you get focused / pumped up before a big game?
Listening to music while warming up as well as praying in the locker room and during the National Anthem.

9. What are your plans after graduation? Do you feel that being a student-athlete has helped guide you in that direction?
My plans after graduation are to attend graduate school for a degree in physical therapy with a specialization in geriatrics. Being a student-athlete has given me the appreciation for the gift of movement and has taught me the value of encouraging others. I hope to help others achieve this amazing gift of mobility and to encourage my patients.

10. What has been the greatest moment in your college sports career?
The greatest moment in my college sports career has been beating our rival team in our first game against them.  The fan support, atmosphere and level of play at the game were tremendous. It was such an intense and fun game to play in and one in which our team had to come together to win.

11. Talk a little about your character. What skill sets have you learned by competing in college sports?
I have learned the values of hard work, humility, perseverance and encouraging others through college sports especially. Through my experiences, I have learned the importance of being a servant leader, being humble and working hard in order to encourage my teammates.

12. How will that help you later in your future career or in a leadership role?
These character values will help me in my future career (physical therapist) to serve my patients by encouraging them and helping them persevere through difficult rehabilitation sessions as I have been able to do with my teammates.

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