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NAIA Baseball All Conference / A.I.I. / Unaffiliated Group Team

Each team consists of 17 players. NO TIES ARE ALLOWED. Whatever position a player was listed at on the all-conference/A.I.I./Unaffiliated team, he must remain at that position for All-America selection/consideration. The only exception is that of a utility infielder. Please indicate if a scoring or voting system was used in the selection process.

Selection is according to the following criteria:
A. Definite All-America candidate (first or second team)
B. Possible Honorable Mention All-America candidate
C. All Conference/A.I.I/ Unaffiliated Group player

All players listed on this form must have updated statistics available on the NAIA website to be eligible for NAIA All-America selection.

You will receive a copy of your online nomination form by email as confirmation. 
Questions? Contact Kelli Briscoe ( or 816-595-8141) 


MAY 12