NAIA-National Sportsmanship Foundation "All That's Right in Sport" Award

The award recognizes an NAIA institution, team or individual for actions in NAIA competition that are clear demonstrations of extraordinary sportsmanship.


1. The act/event/situation must be within NAIA competition or practice.

2.  The act/event/situation in competition should demonstrate going above and beyond normal expectations of sportsmanship.  Examples include but are not limited to:

Dealing appropriately with difficult or unpopular decisions made during the competition
Demonstrating extraordinary selflessness during competition
Cooperating with teammates, opponents and/or officials during challenging circumstances
Outstanding acts of hospitality with opponents.

The winner will be recognized at the fall National Sportsmanship Foundation Awards Banquet in St. Louis. Expenses for up to two representatives of the winner are covered by the NAIA and the National Sportsmanship Foundation.

All Buffalo Funds Five Star Champions of Character Team Award winners from the previous year are also considered.

Questions? Contact Kathy Busch, 816-595-8000