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Softball Opening Round

Opening Round Manual
Softball Facility Certification 
Opening Round Bid Form

Event Name:

NAIA Softball World Series Opening Round Tournaments


Seeking 10 Sites

Bid Deadline:

April 1, 2018

Site Selection Date:

April 24, 2018

Bid Fee:

$6,000 (Mimimum)

Facility Requirements:

Facility must have submitted, and been approved as an NAIA softball “Certified” facility by the February 1, 2018 deadline.


Priority is given to facilities that are certified as  “Class A”, secondary consideration is given to facilities that are certified as “Class B” and then filled out with facilities that are certified as “Class C”.


Additionally, priority is then given to sites who have a host site within close proximity to a school who is highly ranked in the coaches pool at the time of selection.


Marc Burchard, Manager of Championship Events

(816) 595-8153