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NAIA Announces Three-Year Partnership With Strategic Marketing Network

February 20, 2013
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The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced today that it has signed a three year partnership with Strategic Marketing Network as the Official Promotional Product Partner the NAIA."

Strategic Marketing Network blends a rare combination of skill sets to provide added value to its clients, which far exceeds that of the promotional item itself. 

"Collegiate athletics is chalk full of lessons, events, and memories that inspire us years after the game is done," said Eric Chapman, NAIA Director of Sponsorships.  "Often we find that the old t-shirt or No. 1 foam finger sitting in our offices, pinned on walls, and hanging in closets has a meaning that is personal and profound.  The NAIA is proud to have an organization like Strategic Marketing Network as a partner who cherishes the value of these connections.  As a full service operation this will give our member's athletic departments less to worry about so that they can focus on what is truly important, creating moments that define lifetimes."

Strategic Marketing Network's principals bring decades of experience in client service, brand marketing, design, consulting, fashion and sales, availing clients of a vast array of resources and all of this beyond the great price and exceptional service.

"We're honored to be selected as a partner to NAIA," said Steve Dubinsky, Principal. "We look forward to serving the organization and its membership with unparalleled value, expertise, and creativity."

As part of the new relationship, Strategic Marketing Network will offer a "buy down fund."  This fund will be established with contributions equal to 5% of NAIA and member sales and will be used to offset prices to create deeply discounted specials.

Strategic Marketing Network will quote on per project basis and NAIA members will receive same pricing as corporate pricing. Strategic Marketing Network will provide free consultation for ideas, sourcing and pricing.

For more information on Strategic Marketing Network, visit or contact Melissa or Steve Dubinsky at (913) 491-3010.