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Engage the Power of Who

April 21, 2013
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By Kay Hawes, NAIA Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Those who came to the keynote address at the 2013 NAIA Convention expecting just another speech on networking left shaking their heads at the inspiration and realization provided by author and motivational speaker Bob Beaudine, a top sports and entertainment search executive.

The best-selling author of "The Power of Who: You already know everyone you need to know," Beaudine pointed out that the key to success—in life, not just in your career—is in having true friends and sharing the dreams of your heart with them.

“Today, what we want to talk about is one friend, one thought, one idea, and it changes everything,” Beaudine said.

Beaudine pointed out that true friends are rare, but they need to be cultivated and nourished. “A true friend helps you now. An acquaintance wishes you well. Who are your true friends? Whose true friend are you?”

Beaudine challenged the attendees to entertain the idea that the people in their lives were not there randomly. “What is each of us were given specific people in our lives for specific circumstances, at specific times?”

He asked the attendees to send a text to a friend, thanking them for their friendship as a first step. Many had replies within seconds. “Now you have to cultivate that relationship,” he said. “Men typically don’t get any new friends after the age of 35, and they get rid of them and focus on their family at the age of 60. Women do a better job with this, but we all need to understand the power of our friends.”

“Sending a text is just a first step. Now, we must take them out and do something together, help them, activate our friendship and invest in our friends. The first step is to declare the friendship. Once we can declare it, we can activate it.”

Beaudine also noted that the time to activate your friends is before crisis hits, which it inevitably does. “Who will you turn to in times of crisis, friends or strangers?” he asked. “Voice your dreams with the people you love.”

Beaudine also pointed out that everyone has a sphere of influence that is greater than they realize. “You have 12 good friends, three close friends and one best friend. That one true friend, that’s the missing link.”

He closed with a challenge. “We have the ability to be much closer as the NAIA. We’re family. You love the people you’re with, and you’ve got to think big—because you’re awesome.”