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Reactivation: Updated Eligibility Center Decisions

August 01, 2013
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The NAIA Eligibility Center grants eligibility determinations for every first-time NAIA student-athlete. However, not every student who registers with the Eligibility Center receives an “eligible” determination initially. Even for some students who are determined eligible, that determination can essentially expire depending on the student’s subsequent enrollment or participation activity. These students must receive an updated, “eligible” determination before being allowed to compete.

Reactivation is the process that institutions and students use to have the center provide an updated determination. Students will not need to pay the Eligibility Center registration fee again.

This process begins by a school administrator reactivating a student on the institution’s Short List within PlayNAIA Manager. At that point, the student must login to their profile and update all personal information, including any academic or athletic experience that has occurred since the student initially registered. Once this is complete, the student will resubmit their profile to the Eligibility Center, via the student’s Profile Summary page.

New transcripts will need to be submitted to the Eligibility Center for any new coursework the student has enrolled in since the initial determination. The student’s Registration Status page will also include any missing information that needs to be submitted.

The Eligibility Center will not begin a review of the student’s eligibility until:

• The institution reactivates the student,
• The student submits an updated profile, and
• All missing information has been received by the Eligibility Center.


For a description of scenarios and when reactivation is required, visit

For questions about a student’s profile, eligibility status, or submitted documents, please contact the Eligibility Center