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Men's Volleyball National Championship

National Championship Host Manual & Style Guide  |  Host Requirements  |  Site Survey & Bid Form (available August 1)

Event Name:

NAIA Men's Volleyball National Championship


Seeking Site For:

2020 & 2021


Bid Deadline:

November 1, 2018


Rights Fee:

$3,000 (Minimum)

Time of Year:

April 2020, 2021


Days of the Week:



Number of Teams:

8 team double-elimination tournament, plus pool play


Estimated Number
of Participants & Fans:

160 players, coaches, & staff
1,500+ fans over the duration


Facility Requirements:

The facility shall include all facilities and equipment necessary for volleyball, including standards and nets for one court, adequate spectator seating of 500, lights, electronic scoreboards, press box area, concession stands, rest rooms, meeting rooms, box office, parking lots, sound systems, signs, etc.


Hotel Requirements:

Centralized property(s) capable of accommodating several meetings and an opening envent for at least 200 people.


Average Length of Stay:

5-6 nights 


Room Block Needed:



Room Rate:

The price range is $90-$115, regardless of  room occupancy


Hotel Pre-Registration:

Participants will be responsible for making reservations and paying for rooms directly with the hotel



Kelli Briscoe, Championship Event Manager