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Saint Joseph's College issues blanket release for student-athletes

February 10, 2017
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RENSSELAER, IN — Saint Joseph’s College in Indiana announced Feb. 3 that it will suspend all operations on May 6, 2017 after the end of the current semester. As a member of the NCAA-DII’s Great Lakes Valley Conference, the school offers 16 sports and has more than 350 athletes.

On Feb. 7 Linda Deno, Saint Joseph’s associate athletics director, issued a release for all student-athletes, allowing them to be contacted and recruited by any interested NAIA institution immediately. This release waives the standard NAIA regulation that would prevent NAIA coaches and administrators from contacting any student-athlete enrolled at another four-year institution.

Transcripts will be made available to all student-athletes for use in the transfer process.

NAIA rules that may apply to Saint Joseph’s student-athletes:

• If a Saint Joseph’s College athlete chooses to transfer to an NAIA institution, the transfer requirement will not apply provided they transfer within one year after the 2016-17 school year ends.
• Saint Joseph’s student-athletes are free to reach out and contact any NAIA coach or administrator.
• No special provisions for Seasons of Competition or Terms of Attendance apply in this situation; any student-athlete who wants to transfer immediately would still have the normal Seasons of Competition or Terms of Attendance rules applied.