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Winter Celebration of Champions

Indoor Track & Field and Swimming & Diving

NAIA Championship Host Manual & Style Guide |  Site Survey & Bid Form

Event Name:

Winter Celebration of Champions (Combined event for Indoor Track & Field and Swimming & Diving


Seeking Site For:



Bid Deadline:

Sept. 1, 2020


Rights Fee:

$15,000.00 (Minimum) 

Time of Year:

March 1-4, 2023 


Days of the Week:

Wednesday- Saturday 


Number of Teams:

Indoor TF: Approximately 100 Men's and 100 Women's Teams

Swim&Dive: 26-28 Men's and Women's Teams


Estimated Number
of Participants & Fans:

1,550 Participants
4,000 Fans


Indoor TF Facility Requirements:

200-meter, 6 or 8 lane straight away and 6 lane turns with appropriate surfacing.  Separate horizontal jumps and runway, pole vault runway, high jump area with same surface as track.  Throwing area must have protective cage and barriers.  PA system, award staging area and games committee staging area.  Finish Lynx Timing System and electronic scoreboard.  Seating outside the track area to accommodate at least 3,000 fans and athletes.  Separate warm-up and training area if possible. 

Swim & Dive Facility Requirements:

Starting Depth = no less than 4ft

Number of lanes = 8 lanes preferred, 6-foot [1.83m] lanes

Standard length = 75ft, 1in; 25m, 2.54cm; or 50m, 2.54cm

Diving Boards = 1m and 3m

Practice/Warm-Up & Diving Pool Required


Hotel Requirements:

Centralized properties that can accommodate several meetings and a banquet for 500 people.


Average Length of Stay:

 4-5 nights


Room Block Needed:

800-850 rooms


Room Rate:

The price range is $90-$115,regardless room occupancy 


Hotel Pre-Registration:

Participants will be responsible for making reservations and paying for rooms directly with the hotel



Bryton Curtis, Championship Event Manager 

Hannah Harmon, Manager of Championship Events

Event History:

This is a new event for the NAIA as the Championships Department is looking for a facility or city to host both the Men's and Women's Indoor Track & Field and Swimming & Diving Championships in 2023.