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Opening Round Partnerships


Partner with a NAIA Conference to Host a Championship Opening Round

The NAIA model for hosting a championship opening round transfers all revenue rights (ticket sales, sponsorship, rebates, etc.) to the winning bidder. The major responsibilities of the host are producing enough revenue to support the championship budget and providing a venue and operations plan to produce a great championship.

To help share these major responsibilities, a potential DMO host can partner with a NAIA Conference to ensure event success. Once the NAIA conference has one of their member institutions selected to participate in the championship opening round, then the selected NAIA institution will help share the major responsibilities of hosting.

Here is a model on how a DMO can partner with a NAIA Conference to host a NAIA Championship Opening Round:


DMO Responsibilities

NAIA Conference Responsibilities

Shared Responsibilities

Split the Rights Fee with the selected NAIA institution

Selected NAIA institution splits the Rights Fee with the DMO

Supply game personal (i.e. scoreboard operator, officials, security, tournament director)

Provides the facility

Selected NAIA institution provides athletic training staff

Organizes and cover costs for the banquet of teams before the championship opening round starts

Conference supplies sports information staff


For a list of NAIA conferences, click HERE.

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