NAIA - National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


July 14, 2017
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Conference Polls

Preseason Jan. 29 (Mon.)
Poll 1 Feb. 26
Poll 2 March 12
Poll 3 March 26
Poll 4 April 9
Final April 29 (Sun.)
Postseason May 15 (Tues.)


Coaches' Top 10 

Preseason Jan. 30 (Tues.)
Poll 1 Feb. 27
Poll 2 March 13
Poll 3 March 27
Poll 4 April 10
Final April 29 (Sun.)
Postseason May 16 (Wed.)


2017 Archived Men's Lacrosse Ratings

2016 Archived Men's Lacrosse Ratings

Invitational Information

NAIA Lacrosse Championship
Sports Rules - Lacrosse (M)

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