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NAIA unveils online character training for NAIA student-athletes

September 03, 2013
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KANSAS CITY, MO. —  The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the leader in character-driven intercollegiate athletics, has unveiled  its new Champions of Character online training for NAIA student-athletes.

Learn to Live 5 is the first in a series of Champions of Character Live 5 online training course developed with specific learning outcomes and research-based curriculum intended to have a measurable impact on student attitudes over time.

The 20-minute interactive program is an introduction to the Champions of Character Five Core Values — Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship and Servant Leadership —and how they’re applied on and off the field. Three additional programs focusing on modeling, leading and building values-based skills for life after college are expected to roll out in 2014.

A key milestone for Champions of Character Live 5 will be research-driven surveying of student-athletes to gauge the impact of deliberately teaching character over time. The NAIA is partnering with sports ethics and psychology professionals from in conducting the research.

Since Champions of Character was launched in 2000, NAIA-member colleges and universities have made ongoing character education and professional development for coaches, athletics administrative staff and student-athletes a priority.

The Live 5 training follows the NAIA’s successful Character-Driven Coaching course, launched in 2009. All NAIA coaches, including graduate assistants, are required to take the online course within the first two months on the job. More than 13,000 college, high school and youth coaches have also taken the course.

In 2009, NAIA member colleges and universities committed to putting Champions of Character values into play on both the field and in the stands. Hospitality and game management of NAIA athletics events and conduct in competition are framed by the association’s governing policies and guided by Champions of Character principles. Today every school’s progress in pursuing character education is tracked and recognized for achievements in training, promotion and conduct in competition.

Champions of Character also reaches high school and youth sports through its outreach activities conducted by member schools and participants at NAIA national championship events. Programs are tailored for all ages with those dedicated to parent expectations and behavior among the most popular.

Champions of Character is supported in part by the Champions of Character Foundation, which is dedicated to providing character training and resources to help those who work in athletics.