Emerging Sports: Competitive Cheer & Dance
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Competitive Cheer and Dance in the NAIA is changing to better mirror other, traditional team sports in the NAIA. To this end, there will be a regular season, consisting of at least 3 countable competitions and teams will have to compete in a Qualifying Competition in order to move on to the National Invitational. Please click on the links below in order to learn more about the changing sport of NAIA Competitive Cheer and Dance.

National Invitational Plan

FAQ (updated January 15)

Coaches Manual (Coming Soon)

NAIA Rules

NAIA Cheer Scoresheet

NAIA Cheer Rubric

Cheer Performance Outline

NAIA Dance Scoresheet

Dance Performance Outline

Official's Handbook

Judges Database

Participating Institutions  — NAIA Institutions that sponsor Competitive Cheer & Dance's teams, including both varsity and club squads. 
 2015 All-American Resources

All-American Requirments and Scoring Rubrics

All-American Dance Routine (with counts and music) - Coming Soon

All-American Dance Music - Coming Soon

 Regular Season Resources

Division List


Competition Results Form

Mascot Information (Exhibition)

2015 NAIA Invitational

National Invitational Bid Form (DOC)

March 13-14, 2015

Host: To Be Determined

Location: To Be Determined

Schedule of Events

Performance Order

Teams Participating

2015 Qualifying Events

Qualifying Competition Bid Form (DOC)

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AACCA Cheerleading Safety Certification List

NAIA's Emerging Sports Report

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The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) has a strong focus on safety for cheer coaches and athletes. The AACCA promotes a structured platform of cheerleading safety to over 70,000 cheerleading coaches in all levels of competition.