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2005 NAIA Wrestling All-Americans

August 31, 2005

125-lb weight class - Andrew Bradbury, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Delrico Choates, Cumberland College (Ky.); Nathan Engel, Missouri Valley College; Richard Byrd, Embry-Riddle University (Ariz.)

133-lb weight class - Brian Luna, Montana State University-Northern; Kyle Jahn, McKendree College (Ill.); Jimmy Rollins, Dana College (Neb.); Louis Edmonds, Lindenwood University (Mo.)

141-lb weight class - Paul Collum, Missouri Valley College; Brad Stockton, Waldorf College (Iowa); Bryan Odle, Bacone College (Okla.); Mark Dugan, Newman University (Kan.)

149-lb weight class - Mike Rio, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Darren Cotton, William Penn University (Iowa); Tyler Moran, Embry-Riddle University (Ariz.); Chris Harada, Simon Fraser University (B.C.)

157-lb weight class - Stryder Davis, Montana State University-Northern; Jake Dieffenbach, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Darion Terry, Missouri Valley College; Donaco Watts, Missouri Valley College

165-lb weight class - Tyson Springer, Dickinson State University (N.D.); Leister Bowling, Dana College (Neb.); Jimmy Grochowsky, Southern Oregon University; Mike Kummer, University of Great Falls (Mont.)

174-lb weight class - Keith Cupp, Cumberland University (Tenn.); David Rivera, Embry-Riddle University (Ariz.); Todd Allen, Cumberland College (Ky.); Jake Stevenson, Morningside College (Iowa)

184-lb weight class - Jesse Juarez, Montana State University-Northern; Joffre Lander, Embry-Riddle University (Ariz.); Matt Juncal, Cumberland College (Ky.); Elijah Simburger, University of Mary (N.D.)

197-lb weight class - Jesse Laber, University of Mary (N.D.); Eric Flinchum, Cumberland College (Ky.); Justin Schlecht, Dickinson State University (N.D.); Tyrell Blanche, Menlo College (Calif.)

285-lb weight class - Roger Miller, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Chris Johnson, Missouri Valley College; Brandon Lemer, Jamestown  College (N.D.); Jacob Hallmark, Menlo College (Calif.)

Honorable Mention
125-lb weight class - Josh Sampo, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Billy Exline, William Penn University (Iowa); Kendall Horrocks, William Penn University (Iowa); Mark Johnston, Dickinson State University (N.D.)

133-lb weight class - Spencer Griffiths, University of Great Falls (Mont.); Chad Willard, McKendree College (Ill.); Casey Brewster, Cumberland University (Tenn.); Mike Miller, Bacone College (Okla.)

141-lb weight class - Leonardo Martinez, Lidnenwood University (Mo.); Dan Shaw, Montana State University-Northern; Nick Vogt, McKendree College (Ill.); Terrence Almond, Dana College (Neb.)

149-lb weight class - Ernie Spreitzer, Cumberland College (Ky.); Dustyn Azure, Montana State University-Northern; Tyson Biddle, Missouri Valley College; Shane Cristelli, Missouri Valley College

157-lb weight class - Ben Henderson, Dana College (Neb.); Joe Casey, University of Great Falls (Mont.); Brian Seibel, Southern Oregon University; Ryan Smith, University of Great Falls (Mont.)

165-lb weight class - Corey Johnson, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Scott Vaughn, Campbellsville University (Ky.); Ryan Guffey, William Penn University (Iowa); Kevin Guinn, Waldorf College (Iowa)

174-lb weight class - Abel Trujillo, William Penn University (Iowa); J.D. Johnson, Newman University (Kan.); James Bunch, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Junior Liberal, Menlo College (Calif.)

184-lb weight class - David O'Brien, Southern Oregon University; Blair Alderman, Dana College (Neb.); Mario Thomas, Missouri Valley College; Chris Wilkes, Cumberland College (Ky.)

197-lb weight class - Shane Hall, Missouri Valley College; Robert Roszkiewicz, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Jimmy Becerra, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Mariano Sanchez, Menlo College (Calif.)

285-lb weight class - Alex Becerra, Lindenwood University (Mo.); Luke Roberts, University of Great Falls (Mont.); Keith McCleary, University of Mary (N.D.); Robert Charlton, Embry-Riddle University (Ariz.)