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2009 NAIA Women's Soccer All-America Teams Announced

December 05, 2009
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Dec. 5, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has announced the 2009 NAIA Women's Soccer All-America Teams, as selected by the NAIA Women's Soccer All-America Selection Committee. There are three teams in addition to an honorable mention list.

Senior forward Christiane Christensen of Lee (Tenn.) University is the 2009 Brine-NAIA National Player of the Year. Christensen was a 2008 First Team All-American as well as the 2008 NAIA National Championship Most Valuable Player. Christensen has totaled 15 goals and 15 assists on the season including a hat-trick against Brenau (Ga.) on Nov. 3. The Oslo, Norway native, was named the Southern States Athletic Conference Player of the Year this season.

Click here for the list in pdf form

2009 NAIA Women’s Soccer All-America Teams
First Team
Name                                                     School                                                   Position                 Year
Linn Christensen                                Lee (Tenn.)                                            D                             Sr.
Brittany Orr                                            Concordia (Ore.)                                  D                             So.
Katie Rorabaugh                                 Azusa Pacific (Calif.)                           D                              Sr.
Theresa Broad                                    Azusa Pacific (Calif.)                            F                              Sr.
Christiane Christensen*                    Lee (Tenn.)                                           F                              Sr.
Yolanda Hamilton                               Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)                            F                              Sr.
Fabiola Zanella da Silva                    California Baptist                                 MF                           So.
Marina Lima                                         Lee (Tenn.)                                            MF                           Sr.
Beatriz Silva                                          Southern Nazarene (Okla.)                MF                           So.
Tiffany Kracy                                         Point Loma Nazarene (Calif.)            GK                           Fr.
Jessica Ramback                               Concordia (Ore.)                                  UT                           Sr.

*Brine-NAIA Player of the Year

Second Team
Name                                                     School                                                   Position                 Year
Yalu Borbolla                                        Martin Methodist (Tenn.)                     D                             Fr.
Jenna Oltmanns                                  California Baptist                                 D                             Sr.
Colleen Smith                                      College of Idaho                                   D                             Jr.
Jamie Achten                                       Lee (Tenn.)                                            F                              So.
Megan Marshall                                   Indiana Wesleyan                                F                              Jr.
Chelsea Phillips                                  Graceland (Iowa)                                 F                              Jr.
Jenna Achten                                       Lee (Tenn.)                                            MF                           Sr.
Karri Currier                                          Vanguard (Calif.)                                 MF                           Jr.
Lauren Lachlan                                   Simon Fraser (B.C.)                            MF                           Jr.
Carrie Revlett                                       Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)                           GK                           Sr.
Mia Persson                                         Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)                           UT                           Fr.

Third Team
Name                                                     School                                                   Position                 Year
Christine DeVito                                  Auburn Montgomery (Ala.)                  D                             Jr.
Lindsey Mancini                                   Siena Heights (Mich.)                         D                             Jr.
Katie Martin                                           Carroll (Mont.)                                      D                             Sr.
Gifty Appiah                                           Robert Morris (Ill.)                                F                              Sr.
Elina Johansson                                 Embry-Riddle (Fla.)                             F                              Jr.
Gabriela Valles                                    Vanguard (Calif.)                                  F                              So.
Aime Beresford                                    William Carey (Miss.)                         MF                           Sr.
Lauren Lane                                         Azusa Pacific (Calif.)                           MF                           Sr.
Kitra Walters                                         California Baptist                                 MF                           Fr.
Leah Wilson                                         Lee (Tenn.)                                           GK                           Fr.
Zahira Montanez                                  Concordia (Calif.)                                 UT                           Sr.

Honorable Mention
Name                                                     School                                                   Position                 Year
Tatiane Alexio                                       Martin Methodist (Tenn.)                    D                             Jr.
Emily Anderson                                   John Brown (Ark.)                                 D                             So.
Chelsea Dunn                                     Baker (Kan.)                                          D                             Jr.
Jodie Hunter                                         Texas at Brownsville                           D                             Fr.
Kelsey Johnson                                   McKendree (Ill.)                                    D                             Sr.
Valerie Kamuf                                      Brescia (Ky.)                                          D                             Sr.
Allison Kotschwar                               Hastings (Neb.)                                    D                             Sr.
Ivana Mendez                                       Vanguard (Calif.)                                  D                             Jr.
Anne Meshes                                       Robert Morris (Ill.)                                D                             Sr.
Theresa Noll                                        William Jewell (Mo.)                            D                             Sr.
Jenna Peterson                                   Concordia (Ore.)                                  D                             So.
Keeler Topping                                    Houghton (N.Y.)                                   D                             So.
Elizabeth Wilkens                                Ottawa (Kan.)                                       D                             Jr.
Jackie Acevedo                                    Southern Nazarene (Okla.)                F                              Jr.
Emily Bruton                                         The Master’s College (Calif.)            F                              Jr.
Jessica Burden                                   Tabor (Kan.)                                         F                              Sr.
Claire Comerouski                             Trinity Christian (Ill.)                            F                              Sr.
Natalie Carter                                       Northwood (Texas)                             F                              Fr.
Callie Cooper                                       Scirence & Arts (Okla.)                       F                              Fr.
Ashley Dexter                                       St. Ambrose (Iowa)                             F                              Fr.
Amber Elam                                         Auburn Montgomery (Ala.)                 F                              Jr.
Jeana Erickson                                    William Carey (Miss.)                         F                              Sr.
Lauren Gerbick                                    Marian (Ind.)                                         F                              So.
Brianna Hill                                           Aquinas (Mich.)                                    F                              Sr.
Nikki Jagt                                              Faulkner (Ala.)                                      F                              Sr.
Sulyn Keomanivane                            McKendree (Ill.)                                    F                              So.
Melissa King                                        St. Mary (Neb.)                                      F                              Sr.
Sarah Leonard                                     Oklahoma City                                     F                              Sr.
Erika Mouritsen                                    College of Idaho                                  F                              Jr.
Lisa Ohberg                                         Morthwood (Fla.)                                  F                              Fr.
Natalie Parker                                      Park (Mo.)                                              F                              Sr.
Katie Pedlowe                                      Point Loma Nazarene (Calif.)           F                              So.
Marcela Salum                                     Union (Ky.)                                            F                              So.
Whitney Sinclair                                   Maine-Fort Kent                                   F                              So.
Missy Stovall                                         Mobile (Ala.)                                          F                              Fr.
Kaitlyn Tebbs                                       Concordia (Ore.)                                  F                              Jr.
Shannon Walter                                   Martin Methodist (Tenn.)                    F                              Sr.
Miranda Wiley                                       Asbury (Ky.)                                           F                              Sr.
Becky Williams                                    Ohio Dominican                                  F                              So.
Kristin Abbott                                        Spring Arbor (Mich.)                            MF                           Jr.
Gisela Arrieta                                       Graceland (Calif.)                                MF                           So.
Sam Cohen                                          St. Ambrose (Iowa)                             MF                           Sr.
Gemma Cowperthwaite                     Siena Heights (Mich.)                         MF                           Sr.
Kate DuMez                                          Dordt (Iowa)                                          MF                           Sr.
Lindsey Evans                                     Embry-Riddle (Fla.)                             MF                           Sr.
Helga Franklinsdottir                          Auburn Montgomery (Ala.)                 MF                           Fr.
Ida Gregersen                                      Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)                           MF                           So.
Lauren Haggerty                                  Houghton (N.Y.)                                   MF                           Jr.
Jacki Hendrickson                              Concordia (Ore.)                                  MF                           So.
Jennifer Holton                                    Ohio Dominican                                  MF                           Fr.
Amanda Just                                        Ottawa (Kan.)                                       MF                           So.
Theresa Kaiser                                    McKendree (Ill.)                                    MF                           Jr.
Amanda Mendenhall                          Corban (Ore.)                                       MF                           So.
Sarah O’Donnell                                  Missouri Baptist                                   MF                           Jr.
Courtney Opie                                      Simpson (Calif.)                                  MF                           Jr.
Katya Salguero                                    Northwood (Fla.)                                  MF                           Fr.
Janel Schmitt                                       Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)                            MF                           So.
Daniel Sofer                                         Martin Methodist (Tenn.)                    MF                           Fr.
Simone Souza                                     Martin Methodist (Tenn.)                    MF                           Jr.
Kelly Wherry                                          Cal State-San Marcos                        MF                           Sr.
Erica Brown                                          Southern Nazarene (Okla.)                GK                          Sr.
Daisy Burnfield                                    Auburn Montgomery (Ala.)                 GK                          Jr.
Lindsey Cesena                                  William Jessup (Calif.)                       GK                          So.
Georgie Christensen                          Concordia (Ore.)                                  GK                          Sr.
Leslie Danner                                      Graceland (Iowa)                                 GK                          Sr.
Jackie Denova                                     William Carey (Miss.)                         GK                          Jr.
Jillian Foss                                           Vanguard (Calif.)                                 GK                          Sr.
Kaycee Gunion                                    Cal State-San Marcos (Calif.)           GK                          So.
Danielle Johnston                               Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)                            GK                          Sr.
Emile Lamarche                                  Notre Dame (Ohio)                             GK                          Jr.
Anna Maddox                                        Mobile (Ala.)                                          GK                          Sr.
Haley Mancini                                       Siena Heights (Mich.)                         GK                          Jr.
Mindy Morneault                                   Maine-Fort Kent                                   GK                          Jr.
Patricia Nardy                                       Union (Ky.)                                            GK                          Jr.
Cassie Newbrook                               Simon Fraser (B.C.)                            GK                          Sr.
Stephanie Reid                                    Texas at Brownsville                           GK                          Jr.
Danielle Richardson                          Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)                     GK                          Jr.
Andrea Swanson                                 McPherson (Kan.)                               GK                          Sr.
Kylie Willet                                            Ashford (Iowa)                                      GK                          Jr.