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2016 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance Qualifying

February 20, 2016
Feb. 19 | Oklahoma City | Oklahoma City (Okla.)
Qualifying Competition South Qualifier
   Cheer Results | Dance Results

Feb. 20 Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) | Belleville (Ill.)
Qualifying Competition              Midwest Qualifier
   Recap | Cheer & Dance Results          

Feb. 26 Midland (Neb.) | Fremont (Neb.)
Qualifying Competition North Qualifier
   Cheer Preliminaries | Dance Preliminaries

Feb. 27 Siena Heights (Mich.) | Adrian (Mich.)
Qualifying Competition East Qualifier
   Cheer Results | Dance Results
Competitive Cheer & Dance Student-Athletes:

Beginning with the Fall 2015 term, all first-time NAIA Competitive Cheer and Dance student-athletes will need to have an “Eligible” decision from the NAIA Eligibility Center before participating in competition.

The Eligibility Center is already accepting and completing Early Decisions for qualified students.

Do you need to register at The answer is “yes” if:

• You are currently in high school

• You do not currently attend an NAIA college or university, regardless of participation in Competitive Cheer and Dance

• You attend an NAIA college or university but have NOT previously competed in Competitive Cheer and Dance

• You have previously participated in Competitive Cheer and Dance at an NAIA school but did NOT receive an eligibility certification from your school.