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NAIA Council of Faculty Athletics Admins

The Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives initiates policies for evaluation and implementation of academic standards.

The NAIA Official Handbook & Policy Handbook contains the constitution, bylaws (including casebook examples) and other legal information covering the structure and governance of the organization.


Legislative Processes
List of the processes common to NAIA legislative and eligibility functions. This page includes descriptions and hyperlinks to applicable forms.

24/36-Hour Rule & Progress Rule
The 24/36-Hour Rule and the Progress Rule are the core NAIA continuing eligibility requirements. This is a four part series providing information on these two important rules.

Eligibility PowerPoints & Webinars
Coming soon...


NAIA International Academic Standards
These country guides list the standards that the NAIA Eligibility Center uses in its determinations for international students.

NAIA Eligibility Center Situation Analysis
Document describes the FAR responsibilities and explains when it is necessary for students to return to the Center for additional review.