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Cindy Potter

First NAIA Elected Representative on CoSIDA Board


KANSAS CITY, Mo. –  July 5, 2018 - Cindy Potter, associate athletic director for media relations and compliance at Columbia College (Mo.), was appointed as the Third Vice President on the College Sports Information Directors Association (CoSIDA) Board of Directors and is the first NAIA representative on the CoSIDA presidential rotation.

Cindy Potter is no stranger to the NAIA or Columbia College. Potter was a student-athlete, received her bachelors and master’s degrees, was an assistant coach for the softball team, was inducted into the CC Hall of Fame and kicked off her career as the acting sports information director in 2005 all at Columbia College.

In 2008, Potter was awarded the College Division Rising Star award for her dedication to the sports information profession.

Potter has made her mark on a national scale as she served as the NAIA-SIDA board president for three years and currently serves on the NAIA-SIDA board as the past president. “Cindy has been an excellent leader and voice for the NAIA as well as within CoSIDA,” said Aaron Sagraves, NAIA-SIDA president and assistant AD of external relations/communications at Cornerstone University (Mich.). “This appointment will allow her to continue to push for our membership and be a strong advocate for the NAIA and females in our profession.”

Potter also served on the CoSIDA Board of Directors for a three-year term that began in 2011.

“Cindy has been a fantastic representative of our organization [CoSIDA] ever since she entered the athletic communications profession,” said Rob Knox, CoSIDA president and associate director of athletic communications at Townson University (M.D.). “I am excited for her being selected to this prestigious position in the presidential rotation. A tireless worker, Cindy has held numerous leadership positions within CoSIDA. Her passion, commitment and enthusiasm for CoSIDA, Columbia College and her student-athletes is second to none. I have no doubt that she’ll do a great job and I am looking forward to working with her on the board on behalf of our membership.”

As third vice president on the CoSIDA board, Potter is the first NAIA member to receive this appointment and the first non-NCAA Division I female to serve on the presidential rotation.

 “This is a huge step in a positive direction for NAIA-SIDA in conjunction with CoSIDA,” said Potter. “I am honored to be the first NAIA member to serve in the CoSIDA officer rotation but I certainly won’t be the last. So many individuals have been key to making this happen who all were advocates for me over my 15 years with the NAIA SID colleagues and within CoSIDA. I am forever grateful to Bob Burchard and Columbia College for giving me the confidence and flexibility to continue serving in these leadership roles and to Jim Carr who has supported NAIA-SIDA from the beginning.” 

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