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Fall Checklist

Summer is almost close to half over, which means it is time to start thinking about the fall and what you need to do before the students come back on campus. In this article we are going to point out high-level things that need to be on your radar, so that you are not scrambling at the last second. We will discuss the different students and what to be aware of, the different sports and their nuances, as well as ECP. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Legislative Services.


Incoming Freshman Students:

  • Must have an eligibility center determination of eligible before competing in any type of competition.
    • For rare exceptions to this rule, see this brief.
    • For questions on and status updates, please call the eligibility center at 816-595-8300.
  • Incoming freshman must be enrolled in 12-hours to compete in their first term. These hours do not have to meet our definition of institutional credit.
    • Please note if a freshman is not enrolled in institutional credits, they will need to make up those hours in the future to meet the 24/36 hour rule and progress.
  • To help you determine when an incoming freshman can practice, please refer to this brief. 
  • If an incoming freshman is not going to meet two of the three requirements and there are exceptional circumstances the student can work with their institution to file a request for an exception. 
  • Students are considered freshman until they have been identified for two semesters at an institution of higher learning.


Incoming Transfer Students:

  • All first time NAIA participants must have an eligibility center determination.
    • Student’s transferring from non-NAIA associations will certainly have to have a determination.
    • Student’s transferring from an NAIA institution must have USED their determination in order to not have to go through the eligibility center. Follow this link to the situational analysis to determine if your transfer needs to an eligibility center determination.
  • You must complete a transfer player eligibility statement for ALL transfer students prior to their first competition.
    • This is completed within the ECP software.
  • To determine when your transfers can compete, please refer to this brief from this past spring. 
  • 24/36 hour and progress rule:
    • If these students are taking any classes over the summer to help them meet either of these rules, you will want to make sure the hours are earned prior to the fall term.
  • Junior College transfers=no residency.
  • Students who competed at their immediate previous four-year school=16 weeks of residency.
    • This can be waived if they have above a 2.000 and a release from their previous athletic director.
    • Students who have graduated and are pursuing a post-grad degree=no residency.
  • For students who have been suspended or dismissed at their previous institution read these briefs.


Continuing Students:

  • Make sure these students are going to meet the 24/36 hour rule and the progress rule.
  • These students do not have to be identified to practice but will have to be identified to compete.
  • Update their ECP profile with the newest information.
  • Ensure they are enrolled in 12 institutional credit hours to be eligible to compete.


Team Sports:

  • Map out and plan the 24-week season including practices and games to ensure compliance.
  • Football:
    • There are two main aspects of the new legislation: allowing students to acclimate to practice and practice time limits with mandatory breaks.
    • Be aware of the new practice legislation that is outlined in this brief.
  • Multi-semester sports:
    • Plan each student’s schedule to ensure they can maintain eligibility in both semesters.
    • This can be tricky with transfer students as once they have identified for a semester, you will use your official transcript to determine if they meet the progress rule.


Individual Sports:

  • For students wishing to compete unattached they must meet the new unattached criteria found here.


ECP Software:

  • Start adding and updating your students within the software as you can begin to certify for fall sports now.
  • Begin meeting with students to complete the competitive experience review (if necessary) and with transfers to complete the transfer player eligibility statement.
  • Review the manual and webinars found here.
  • Make sure that you have a plan in place in case a signer is not available. The replacement signer has to be someone equal to or above the intended party.
  • Don’t wait until the last second!



Please join us at noon central on Tuesday for Facebook live, where Legislative Services will discuss this topic in more detail.




Source: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics