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2018 Summer Update

September 20, 2018

NAC Motions- Voted on at NACDA- June 2018

NAC Motion: Create a policy requiring all teams to participate in an online open film exchange, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. We will follow IWLCA guidelines with the exception that film must be uploaded by 5pm the next business day. Schools are responsible for uploading film that is against NAIA opponents. DENIED

NAC Motion: Remove the A, B, and C designations from the All-America nomination system for all sports that require an All-America nomination process to the National Office. Nominations are to be listed in rank order on the All-America form when submitting those nominations. APPROVED

Coaches Association Motions- Voted on at Annual NAIA Business Meeting- November 2017

For all five Women's Lacrosse motions, the Rules, Awards, & Statistics Committee supports these motions, but ultimately the purview lies in the Women's Lacrosse Executive Committee.

Coaches Association Motion: Remove the Past President as a full-voting member of the executive committee. Past president would have Executive Committee voting rights only if there is a tie vote on the Executive Committee. This also means that they lose their automatic vote on the Honors Committee for being a member of the Executive Committee. APPROVED

Coaches Association Motion: Create an at-large position on the Executive Committee. At-Large position will serve as the chair of the Championship Committee and be involved with Executive Committee discussion. The member will vote in Executive Committee votes only when both of the following are true:
▪ There is a tie in the Executive Committee vote
▪ There is no Past President to break the tie

Coaches Association Motion: Implement the following policy for filling open spots on the Executive Committee and Standing Committees: Executive Committee votes on current members of the committee with vacated chair. Candidates are contacted in order of Executive Committee recommendation to check interest in filling open position. If someone accepts, then the process is completed. If no one can/will fulfill the chairperson seat, Executive Committee will move to the next step:

▪ Open nominations to the entire membership

▪ Coaches can nominate themselves

▪ Window to nominate is “no longer than 48 hours”

▪ Executive Committee will vote on all nominations, offering seat to the person with the top-votes received.

▪ If the person with the top-votes received declines, then seat will be offered to the second-highest votes received nominee

▪ Procedure will proceed until seat is offered and accepted

Coaches Association Motion: Change the description of the Honors Committee from “This Committee will be comprised of the officers of the NAIA-WLCA Executive Committee and four designated coaches from the membership” to “This committee will be comprised of the officers of the NAIA-WLCA Executive Committee and one designated coach from each of the Conferences/Groupings from the membership”. APPROVED

Coaches Association Motion: Create an Oversight Committee for the All-American voting similar to the Ratings Oversight Committee. All All-American ballots voted on by the Honors Committee should be shared with the membership after they are reviewed by the Oversight Committee and All-Americans are announced publicly. The Oversight Committee will be chaired by the 1st Vice President and the Chairperson will not receive any voting rights on the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee will be comprised of elected members that are not on the Executive Committee or the Honors Committee. APPROVED



2018 Coaches Manual

Women's Lacroose Sport Manager: Kylee Timberlake
Women's Lacrosse Ratings Contact: Katie Green

President: Brandon Davis, Georgetown
1st Vice President: Kelly Buikus, Cumberlands
2nd Vice President: Mary Ann Meltzer, Lawrence Tech
3rd Vice PresidentNicki Steward, Asbury University
Secretary: Courtney Burhans, Ave Maria
Past President: 
NAC LiaisonAaron Sagraves, SID Cornerstone University

Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association
IWLCA Convention: November 14-16 (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)


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Individual Student Award - April 21, 2019
Team Award - April 21, 2019

Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athlete - April 15, 2019
NAIA Scholar Team Award - June 30, 2019

All-Conference Teams - May 4, 2019

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Potential Qualifier Packet

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