SUBJECT: National Administrative Council Duties
Amend Article IV, Section E as follows:

The National Administrative Council shall exercise authority in the following matters:

1. Initiating operational policies for conference, independent and national competition, national statistical services, and national awards and drug testing at national competition;

2. Providing administrative supervision of all NAIA Coaches Associations, the Athletics Trainers Association, the Conduct and Ethics Committee, the Drug Testing and Education Committee, and those associations/committees assigned by them which deal with conference, independent and national competition;

3. Annually reviewing and establishing the conference, independent and national qualification plans for postseason competition for all sports;

4. Reviewing and acting on all recommendations from those associations/committees within their area of responsibility;

5. Conducting nominations and elections in accordance with the Constitution when openings on the Council arise.

The chair of the National Administrative Council shall serve as an ex officio member of the Council of Presidents.

Intent: To enable the National Administrative Council to establish operational policies for drug testing at national competition.
Effective date: April 14, 2015
Submitted by: Council of Presidents