Amend Article V, Section B, Item 15 as follows:

15. Prospective Student: An individual who has never identified or whose previous collegiate identification was with another collegiate institution. The individual remains a prospective student until the student : a. Practices with an institution’s team during the 24-week season (as defined in Article I, Section F, Item 5); or b. identifies with an institution in accordance with Article V, Section B, Item 8.

Prospective students are not permitted to practice or compete with an institution’s team prior to the beginning of the 24-week season, regardless of the student’s stated commitment to the institution. This prohibition includes practice and competition (including foreign tours) during the summer prior to the student’s enrollment at the institution.

EXCEPTION 1: A prospective student may practice and compete with an institution’s team during the summer (May 16th-July 31st) if the student is a high school graduate (or the equivalent) and not identified with any other institution of higher learning, and:
i. enrolled in a full-time class load, as defined by the institution, for the applicable summer term, or
ii. enrolled in at least 12 institutional credit hours for the immediately subsequent fall term.

EXCEPTION 2: A prospective student enrolled at an institution may practice and compete with an institution’s team(s) prior to the start of the institution’s academic term if such practice and/or competition occurs during the team’s 24-week season.

Intent: To clarify the definition of a prospective student and enable prospective students to participate in practices and competitions with an NAIA institution during the summer and before the start of classes of the student’s first term of identification.
Effective date: May 16, 2015
Submitted by: Wolverine-Hoosier Conference
Co-sponsor: Golden State Athletic Conference