Amend Article I, Section A, Item 2 as follows:

2. Associate Membership shall be accorded to four-year colleges and universities and upper-level, two-year institutions in the United States and Canada that award bachelor’s (baccalaureate) degree(s) but do not hold full accreditation by one of the six regional accrediting bodies, or to institutions that hold full accreditation but are classified as developing athletic programs, as defined by the Council of Presidents. Such institutions:
        a. Must be committed to the development of a fully accredited baccalaureate program;
        b. Must achieve recognized accreditation status within a maximum period of six years after the date of acceptance of the institution by the NAIA as an associate member;
        c. Shall administer their athletics programs in compliance with the constitution, bylaws, and other legislation and policies of the Association;
        d. Shall publish a statement recognizing the institution’s commitment to character-driven athletics and the five NAIA core values for character-driven athletics.
        e. Conduct its intercollegiate athletics programs in a manner consistent with established NAIA standards. f. Are allowed to participate in the national statistical program and shall be eligible for other general services from the National Office;
        g. Shall have their coaches accepted into membership of the NAIA Coaches Association;

        h. Shall not be eligible to compete in postseason competition, to serve on national committees, or to vote on national issues, or to participate in the national awards program. However, representatives of associate member institutions are encouraged to attend national meetings; 

        i. Shall not be eligible to participate in the national awards program, with the exception of the Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athlete Program and NAIA Scholar Team Award;

        j. Shall, when holding membership in an affiliated conference, count toward conference membership totals for determining whether the conference earns a single automatic qualification to the NAIA national competition in any sport for which the NAIA associate member has declared its intent to sponsor as a varsity intercollegiate sport. The institution shall also count toward any sport-specific minimum participant requirements for the applicable NAIA qualifying tournament. An associate member institution shall not count toward the conference membership total that enables the conferences to earn multiple automatic qualifications to NAIA national competition.         
        k. Must have been reviewed for associate membership by the appropriate committee of an affiliated conference, with a recommendation submitted to the NAIA President/Chief Executive Officer for final action by the Council of Presidents; and

        l. Must pay associate membership dues when applicable.

Intent: To allow student-athletes at NAIA associate member institutions to be eligible for the Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athlete award, and teams at NAIA associate member institutions to be eligible for the NAIA Scholar Team award. 
Effective date: August 1, 2015
Submitted by: NAIA Membership Committee