Add Article I, Section F, Item 7 as follows:

7. All-Star Competitions:
    a.    A student-athlete may represent his/her NAIA institution in an all-star competition under the following conditions:
               i.    The student is eligible for NAIA participation during the term in which the all-star contest occurs, or
               ii.    The all-star contest occurs during the academic year, or subsequent summer, in which the student completes his/her fourth season of competition and/or 10th semester/15th quarter term of attendance.

    b.    A student is limited to participating in all-star competition for a particular sport on no more than two dates between August 1st and May 15th. There is no limit on the number of all-star contests in which a student may participate between May 16th and July 31st.

    c.    Any or all expenses related to travel, meals and lodging for the competition may be paid by the student-athlete, his/her NAIA institution, affiliated conference or certified football conference, or the host of the all-star competition.

    d.    All-star contests in the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball will not count toward team or individual contest limits in Article I, Section F, Item 1 of the NAIA bylaws. Practice activities in these sports directly related to the all-star competition, and consisting only of all-star competition participants, shall not count toward any team’s 24-week season provided such activities occur no more than five days prior to the start of the competition.

    e.    All-star contests in all other sports shall count against frequency of play and scheduling limits listed in this section of the NAIA Bylaws.

    f.    NAIA coaches may administer, direct and/or conduct all-star related practice and game activities that involve student-athletes identified with other institutions. Such actions by a coach will not be considered violations of NAIA recruiting or tryout regulations, and will not trigger the notification requirement in Article II, Section D, Item 1.

    g.    All-Star competitions may not use the NAIA or Champions of Character trademarks without prior approval of the National Administrative Council. The terms and conditions of such approval are established by National Administrative Council Policy.

Intent: To allow a NAIA student-athlete to represent the student’s institution in all-star competition in the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball.
Effective date: August 1, 2015
Submitted by: Appalachian Athletic Conference
Co-sponsor: The Sun Conference