Amend Bylaws Article VI, Section B, Item 8 as follows:

Any member institution which permits the use of a student who is ineligible according to NAIA rules and standards in either program in which it holds membership shall thereby automatically:
a. Forfeit all contests in which the ineligible student participated or the institutional violation occurred. Letters of notification and forfeiture of contests won shall be sent to the athletics director of the offended institution with copies of the letter to the appropriate eligibility chair and the National Office;
b. Charge the ineligible student with a season of competition for participating while ineligible;
c. Charge the student with a second season of competition in that sport if the ineligible student reestablishes eligibility within the same season the student was declared ineligible and participates after reestablishing eligibility;
d. Cause a review of the case by the appropriate committees of this Association. The ineligible student may be assessed additional penalties up to being declared ineligible for further intercollegiate competition for withholding information or supplying false or incomplete information;
e. Supply to the eligibility chair and, if applicable, the conference/A.I.I commissioner a complete statement concerning the ineligible participation, including a listing of the ineligible studentís college work (transcript preferred), a statement of institutional action to correct the situation which led to the violation, and a statement from the student(s) if possible;
f. Be suspended from participation in all postseason events sponsored by the NAIA only in the sport in which the ineligible student participated, until all required information is submitted; and
g. Have the case reviewed by the appropriate committees of this Association. The institution may be subject to additional penalties.
1. The sport in which the violation occurred shall remain suspended from participating in NAIA events until the case is finalized by the appropriate committee of the Association, which will notify the institution involved.

2. Forfeits shall not be required nor will an institution be subject to any penalties if a student who has been properly certified as eligible represents an institution in competition but is subsequently determined to have been ineligible due to a mistake by the NAIA Eligibility Center or because the student supplied false information. Forfeits shall be required and the institution may be subject to additional penalties if the institution knew of the eligibility centerís mistake or the dissemination of false information, or if the institution failed to perform due diligence on the studentís eligibility certification.

Intent: To hold institutions harmless when student malfeasance or a mistake by the NAIA Eligibility Center leads to the student participating as an ineligible athlete.
Effective date: August 1, 2014
Submitted by: Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference
Co-sponsor: Heart of America Athletic Conference