Amend Constitution Article VIII, Section C, as follows:

Each council shall be elected by its constituency. The term of office shall be for three years. Individuals may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Each council shall have a Chair and Chair-elect.

The National Administrative Council shall consist of one representative from each affiliated conference, the President and Vice-President of the Athletics Directors Association, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Conference Commissioners Association, the President of the NAIA Sports Information Directors of America, the President of the Athletic Trainers Association, one representative from the Association of Independent Institutions (A.I.I.) per 10 members of the A.I.I., and a sufficient number of at-large members to ensure gender requirements are met. There will be a minimum of 10 athletics directors and 10 conference commissioners on the National Administrative Council. The initial selection shall be staggered in order to ensure a two-thirds council retention each year. The remainder of the section is unchanged

Intent: Include the President of the NAIA Athletic Trainers Association as a member of the National Administrative Council.
Effective date: April 14, 2014
Submitted by: NAIA Athletic Trainers Association
Co-sponsor: N/A