NAIA Champions of Character®

Scorecard FAQS

How can I access the Champions of Character Scorecard?
NAIA Athletics Directors, their designee, or the Campus Character Liaison can access the scorecard in NAIAHelp. Enter your email address and password, then click on COC Scorecard. Please note: Athletics Directors should ensure their designee or the Campus Character Liaison has access to NAIAhelp in order for them to update the scorecard.

Is the scorecard for the academic year or calendar year?
Scorecards cover the academic year.

Can first year NAIA member institutions or Associate NAIA member institutions participate in the Champions of Character Scorecard and Five-Star recognition program?
Yes, first year NAIA member institutions can complete a Scorecard and participate in the Five-Star Institution program. However, first year and associate member institutions are not eligible to submit nominations for national awards so those institutions will not be able to earn points for award submissions.

Who keeps score and completes the Champions of Character Scorecard?
The scorecard can be completed by an NAIA Athletics Director, their designee or the Campus Character Liaison.

How often should the scorecard be updated?
The scorecard can be updated with information throughout the year.

What ejections count against the scorecard?
Beginning with the 2013-14 academic year ejections for fighting, dissention and profanity are counted against the scorecard. Points may also be deducted for institutions on probation or suspension status.

Are the requested GPAs and comparisons for the semester or cumulative?
Cumulative GPAs for student-athletes and student body should be considered.

Is there a deadline for scorecard submission?
The Scorecard will be due June 15th each year.

How can my institution or conference be recognized as a Champions of Character Five -Star Institution or Conference?
Institutions that score at least 60 out of 100 possible points will be recognized as Champions of Character Five-Star Institutions. Conferences with at least 60% of their members earning Five-Star recognition will be designated Champions of Character Five-Star Conferences.

What are the tiers for recognition?

Five-Star Gold level Institution (90-100 points)
Five-Star Silver level Institution (75-89 points)
Five-Star Bronze level Institution (60-74 points)

How can I get the Champions of Character logo or order a banner?
Champions of Character banners can be ordered through your preferred vendor using the correct logo.

Who do I contact for questions about NAIAhelp?
Direct questions to Tony Bybee, NAIA Director of Technology and Operations.

Who do I contact for questions about the Scorecard?
Contact Kalyn Kastelic, Champions of Character Coordinator.