Transfer Release and Permission to Contact

Transfer Release and Permission to Contact

This legislative brief will seek to answer some of the lingering questions many students and parents have about transferring institutions. Most specifically, transferring between NAIA and NCAA schools. It is common for students, parents and NAIA institutions to need clarity about the differing rules between the associations when it comes to transfer students. This brief will answer the most common misconception between a transfer release and a permission to contact.

Transfer Release

A transfer release is a document prepared by a student’s institution that states the student is able to play immediately upon transferring to another school without having to sit the residency period. This release, paired with a 2.0 cumulative GPA, will allow a student transferring between NAIA schools to have the 16-week residency period waived. A transfer release is also required if a student wishes to transfer from an NAIA school to an NCAA school and vice versa. For students transferring from the NAIA to the NCAA the transfer release is the second step in the transfer process, after the permission to contact.

Permission to Contact

A permission to contact is solely an NCAA rule. This bylaw requires that institutions obtain permission from a student’s current school in order to speak to them about transferring. The permission to contact does not serve as a release for the student to participate immediately, it only grants permission to the NCAA institution to speak with the student.

The NAIA does not require a permission to contact, only that the student’s current institution be notified within 10 days that another school is in communication with a student. There is no requirement for return communication from the student’s current institution in the NAIA. Because of this, there can be a lot of confusion from NAIA schools who have had a permission to contact requested from an NCAA school and not responded to it. It is important to note that at the NCAA DII level, if a school does not respond to a permission to contact within fourteen days, the DII school will take a non-response as an automatic granting of permission from the NAIA school.

If you are a student transferring from the NAIA to the NCAA and have questions regarding NCAA bylaws pertaining to transferring, please contact the NCAA or compliance office at the institution you intend to attend. The NAIA is not an official interpreter of NCAA bylaws.