Season of Competition

seasons of competition

This flow chart is meant to be used as a tool to advise on how different types of competition may impact a student’s season of eligibility, including competing as an unattached athlete or in elite level competition. The unattached criteria is an exception for NAIA athletes to seasons of competition bylaw Article V, Section B, Item 18. Elite level competition speaks to the type of outside competition a student is subject to being charged if not representing a school in intercollegiate competition. Please note that this flowchart is merely a guide and does not guarantee a student will or will not be charged a season of competition. As a tool, it is not directly applicable for every situation. Any specific questions regarding a situation should be directed to the appropriate parties. Legislative Services can be reached at or 816-595-8180.

Here is a printer friendly version of the flow chart! Season of Competition Flowchart


  1. In what association did the student-athlete’s institution compete? Therefore, choose the athletic association the student was representing at the time of competition.
  2. While enrolled as a full-time collegiate student at an NAIA instituion, the unattached criteria can be used as an exception to a season of competition in our bylaws under Article V, Section B, Item 18, Exception 3. All 7 items must be met in order to apply the unattached exception. Here are some past briefs to further explain the topic:
    1. New Legislation: Unattached Criteria
    2. Unattached Criteria Q & A
    3. Participating as an Unattached Athlete
  3. What is considered to be chargeable competition (i.e. elite level) is defined through the Competitive Experience – Evaluative Criteria.