Potential Sport: Ice Hockey



Aug. 10, 2015 — Over the past year, a group of coaches and athletic administrators representing NAIA member institutions that offer school-sanctioned ice hockey programs have begun a dialog with the NAIA. The specific purpose of these discussions is to return the sport of ice hockey to NAIA sanctioned varsity status.

Prior to 1991, ice hockey was a strong and vibrant varsity sport under NAIA. Due to external forces during the late 1980s, programs began to migrate to other venues. Today the landscape is changing again, offering a great opportunity for ice hockey to return under the NAIA banner. Ice hockey on college campuses is far reaching and widely supported all across the country. Many NAIA campuses currently field an ice hockey team and others are positioning themselves to establish an ice hockey program and take advantages of the many opportunities.

Currently, a group of schools along with Dustin Wilke (NAIA Director of Emerging Sports) is fostering this initiative and pursuing the reality of ice hockey under NAIA.

If your school would like to gather more information and inquire about the many benefits and opportunities a hockey program on your campus can provide, please contact info to:

Ken Gaffney
Lawrence Technological University (NAIA)
office 248-204-3853


National Office Content for Emerging Sports: Dustin Wilke


Ken Gaffney, Lawrence Technological University