SIDA Spotlight: Dakota State (S.D.) SID Nick Huntimer

SIDA Spotlight: Dakota State (S.D.) SID Nick Huntimer

Name: Nick Huntimer


School:  Dakota State (S.D.) University


Conference:  North Star Athletic Association


Number of Years in the Sports Information Field:  17 years (first four years as a work study with the SID, then assistant SID and became full-time SID since); became SID when the North Star Athletic Association conference was formed in 2013-14      


Tell us a little bit about yourself:  I was born and raised in South Dakota. I was born deaf with no hearing in both of my ears, so I received hearing aids since I was little. I attended deaf school in Sioux Falls until fourth grade and graduated from Oldham-Ramona High School. I started working in the admissions office for the first two summers and worked in the Sports Information Director (for four years) while attending Dakota State University. I graduated from DSU in 2005 and have been working in the Sports Information area since. I’ve been also the North Star Athletic Association’s SID since the league was formed in 2013-14. 


I have a passion in sports, I mean anything like from talking about any sports, attending sporting events and watching sports. I’m fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). 


I play on many different sports teams with the deaf in the sports of basketball, softball and volleyball. Our softball team (with deaf guys from the Midwest region) had appeared in the national deaf softball tournament championship game three times in the last four years. 


I’m also a licensed official in high school volleyball, basketball and fast-pitch softball. I’ve officiated in many state high school volleyball tournaments and officiated in the state championship match three times. I’m the President-Elect for the South Dakota Volleyball Board of Officials. I also officiate college volleyball. 


Favorite Hobby: Sports    


Favorite Professional Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins     


Favorite Color: Blue


Favorite Vacation Destination: Florida


Favorite Style of Music: I don’t really follow music that much since I’m deaf, but I probably would have to say maybe like the up-beat music, like the pre-game music to get going.


Favorite Athlete of All Time:  Michael Jordan, Joe Mauer        


Favorite Author: Philip Roth


Favorite Quote: “A deaf person can do anything a hearing person can except hear.”  -I. King Jordan


Favorite Memory as an SID:  Volunteering at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Regional Semifinals and final in Sioux Falls by writing the storylines of what happened during the game and gained experience with meeting with other SIDs who volunteered at the tournament; working in the conference tournaments in various sports and witnessing some exciting finishes; going to national tournaments with DSU (like for one in 2012-13 season as an independent member – in the men’s basketball conference tournament, Dakota State was down at halftime in all of the three games – on three straight days – and came back to win them all including the championship game to advance to the NAIA D2 Nationals, where we advanced to the quarterfinals).