2018 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance All-Americans Announced

2018 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance All-Americans Announced

By Jed Flemming, Athletic Communications and Media Intern

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has announced¬†Tuesday the 2018 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance (CCD) All-America teams. To achieve NAIA All-America or Honorable Mention status, student-athletes participate in a try-out. Officials judge the athletes during the try-out and All-Americans are determined by the judges’ scores. The CCD Coaches Association officers then confirm the list of scores and athletes.

The All-America teams are designated by “All-America” and “Honorable Mention” status. This is the second-ever championship season for the sports of Competitive Cheer & Dance.

Overall, 18 different institutions – seven in Competitive Cheer, eight in Competitive Dance, and three in both Cheer and Dance – earned All-America status. The following programs earned Honorable Mention status: Baker (Kan.) and Siena Heights (Mich.).

Oklahoma City led all institutions with nine combined All-America individual honors. St. Ambrose (Iowa) had the second-most with six. Two other squads – Midland (Neb.) and Aquinas (Mich.) – each bring home five All-America individual accolades.

The 2018 NAIA National Championships are hosted by Oklahoma City University and will take place at the Abe Lemons Arena from March 9-10. Dance competition begins at 4:30 p.m. CST on March 9 with the cheer routines to start at 6:45 p.m. Saturday’s activities will commence at 10 a.m. with the awards ceremony scheduled for 2:25 p.m.

The 2018 season marks the second year the sport will conduct a NAIA National Championship. The NAIA is the only collegiate athletics association to offer a national championship in these two sports. Competitive Cheer and Dance was the first to earn national championship status within the NAIA in a span of 22 years.

For more information on the championships, click HERE.

2018 NAIA National Competitive Cheer & Dance All-America

Competitive Cheer
Tren Bartrun Aquinas (Mich.) All-American
Madeline Burgess Central Methodist (Mo.) All-American
Jerome Asbury Central Methodist (Mo.) All-American
Noelle Miller Lourdes (Ohio) All-American
Jennifer Chudey Lourdes (Ohio) All-American
Keye Mathews Martin Methodist (Tenn.) All-American
Derrick Hobbs Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Hakim Sims Midland (Neb.) All-American
Jaclyn Schake Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Emily Cook Missouri Valley All-American
Colton Wells Mobile (Ala.) All-American
Haley Hill Oklahoma City All-American
Shelbi Crawford Oklahoma City All-American
Ashton Beier Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Alyson Gerde Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Kailee Walker Oklahoma City All-American
Mallory Simpson Oklahoma City All-American
Margaret Hirsekorn Oklahoma City All-American
Broderick McQuarters Oklahoma City All-American
Taylor Glaspie-Walton Oklahoma City All-American
Kristen Burks Point (Ga.) All-American
Kwam’e Lipscomb Robert Morris (Ill.) All-American
Brittney McCambridge Robert Morris (Ill.) All-American
Ryan McKendry Saint Francis (Ind.) All-American
Maria Trahin Saint Francis (Ind.) All-American
Caitlyn Marlow Saint Francis (Ind.) All-American
Carlee Turner Saint Francis (Ind.) Honorable Mention
Competitive Dance
Kassidy Boldt Aquinas (Mich.) All-American
Hallie Boldt Aquinas (Mich.) All-American
Madison Martin Aquinas (Mich.) All-American
Delaney Coldiron Aquinas (Mich.) All-American
Madison Pazik Aquinas (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Anna Putnam Aquinas (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Lucy Dinsmore Aquinas (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Lexi Weidman Baker (Kan.) Honorable Mention
Alyssa Monson Baker (Kan.) All-American
Allie Howland Baker (Kan.) All-American
Alison Prather Baker (Kan.) All-American
Cheleia Marshall Baker (Kan.) Honorable Mention
Keirstyn Reynolds Baker (Kan.) Honorable Mention
Catie Dovin Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Savanna Nault Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Kadee Dempsey Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Renee Lukowicz Doane (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Olivia DeFord Doane (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Madison Eliker Doane (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Marissa Signor Grand View (Iowa) All-American
Mikala Mackey Grand View (Iowa) All-American
Haley Peiffer Grand View (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Jessica Pottridge Grand View (Iowa) Honorable Mention
McKenna Quandt Grand View (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Devon Wetteland Hastings (Neb.) All-American
Haley Lukowicz Hastings (Neb.) All-American
Kaylee Meyer Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Logan Deahn Midland (Neb.) All-American
Marlando Sparks Midland (Neb.) All-American
Mikenah Rieken Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Kassie Kent Midland (Neb.) All-American
Ty Hecker Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Rochelle Olson Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Genevieve Kroese Midland (Neb.) All-American
Julianne Lewis Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Christina Remijio Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Miranda Shipley Morningside (Iowa) All-American
Nicole Hahn Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Jessica Bennett Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Jenna Winkler Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Meniton
Danielle Plathe Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Kayla Inlay Morningside (Iowa) All-American
Megan Berning Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Molly Hodgden Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
jenna McWilliams Oklahoma City All-American
Caroline Cannedy Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Lauren Kysela Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
MaKenzi Fox Oklahoma City All-American
Emily Kirsch Point Park (Pa.) All-American
Deanna Harris Point Park (Pa.) All-American
Kayla Mcdonald Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Kimberly Keagy Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Amber Mole Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Darian Leighty Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Tori Kunelis Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Kenneth Sickles Point Park (Pa.) All-American
Torie Owens Siena Heights (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Jenna Stahl Siena Heights (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Olivia Markham St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Taryn Moustakas St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Anna Pranckus St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Emma Peeler St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Hailey Broer St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Kaci Greenleaf St. Ambrose (Iowa) All-American
Samantha O’Malley St. Ambrose (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Lily O’Rahily St. Francis (Ill.) All-American


Championship Information

Cheer Dance Championship

March 13-14, 2020
Davenport, Iowa