2018-19 NAIA Men's Volleyball Players of the Week ? No. 10

2018-19 NAIA Men's Volleyball Players of the Week ? No. 10

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Edin Ibrahimovic of Menlo (Calif.) was named as the NAIA men’s volleyball attacker of the week, Ben Twigger of St. Andrews (N.C.) was named as the NAIA men’s volleyball defender of the week and Henrique Gehrke of Lourdes was named as the NAIA men’s volleyball setter of the week announced the national office on Tuesday. The trio was chosen out of a pool of conference and group winners.

Attacker of the Week
Edin Ibrahimovic, Menlo
6-4, FR, OH, Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina  

  • Ibrahimovic captured a new career-high of 24 kills against No. 9 Hope International (Calif.).
  • Weekly Stats
    • Totaled 56 kills
    • Averaged 5.60 kills per set
    • Attack percentage of 0.469
    • Added three assist, 18 digs and six blocks (two assisted) to his stat line.   

Defender of the Week
Ben Twigger, St. Andrews
6-1, SR, MB, Concord, N.C.

  • Twigger helped his team to a 2-0 week with wins over Webber International (Fla.) and Warner (Fla.).
  • Weekly Stats
    • Totaled 15 blocks, 14 of them assisted blocks
    • Averaged 2.0 assisted blocks per set
    • Added eight kills and one did to his stat line


Setter of the Week
Henrique Gehrke, Lourdes
6-3, SO, S, Blumenau, Brazil  

  • Gehrke directed the Gray Wolves offense to an undefeated week with wins over Goshen (Ind.) and No. 6 Aquinas (Mich.).
  • Weekly Stats
    • Totaled 81 assists
    • Averaged 13.50 assists per set
    • Added two kills, 10 digs and one assisted block  


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Attacker of the Week Nominees: Felipe Chagas, Park (Mo.); Cameron Hibbler, Missouri Baptist; Jacob Desouza, St. Andrews (N.C.); Logan Adcock, Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.); Ben Gabor, Saint Xavier (Ill.); Felipe Mello Oliveira, Cardinal Stritch (Wis.); Kulu Morando, Judson (Ill.); Scott Macgillis, St. Ambrose (Iowa); Nicolas Bilinski, Hope International (Calif.); Nikola Stoimenov, Mount Mercy (Iowa); Arthur Amorim, Cumberland (Tenn.); Victor Pietro, Midway (Ky.); Luke Taffer, Webber International (Fla.); Jeff Lam, Lourdes (Ohio); Zane Moothart, Aquinas (Mich.) 


Defender of the Week Nominees:  Luciano Bucci, Park (Mo.); Skyler Capllonch, Missouri Baptist; Kyle Stephan, UC Merced; Treven Clizbe, Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.); Jake Olson, Saint Xavier (Ill.); Noah Mcconville, Judson (Ill.); Robby Hoffman, St. Ambrose (Iowa); Akash Dhothar, Menlo (Calif.); Julian Armendano, Mount Mercy (Iowa); Joudiel Poveymirow, Campbellsville (Ky.); Steven Bartlett, Webber International (Fla.); Will Donald, Aquinas (Mich.); Matheus Andrade, Lourdes (Ohio) 

Setter of the Week Nominees: 
Luciano Bucci, Park (Mo.); Jason Harman, Missouri Baptist; Jackson Stark, St. Andrews (N.C.); Jaron Jones, Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.); Joey Medina, UC Merced; Blake Janz, Cardinal Stritch (Wis.); Aaron Kummer, Saint Xavier (Ill.); Tom Kurzynski, Judson (Ill.); Adam Campbell, St. Ambrose (Iowa); Trey Lake, Menlo (Calif.); Evan Gaskill, Mount Mercy (Iowa); Jordan Pierce, Cumberland (Tenn.); Gavin-james Andaya, Midway (Ky.); Justin Beecher, Webber International (Fla.); Colby Elder, Aquinas (Mich.)


2018-19 Men's Volleyball Composite Award Winners (Attacker, Defender, Setter)
Week 1 (January 23): Joshua Boothroyd, Aquinas (Mich.), Daniel Littleton, Aquinas (Mich.) , Colby Elder, Aquinas (Mich.) 
Week 2 (January 30): Simon Joly, Missouri Valley, Felipe Guirau, Park (Mo.) , Henrique Gehrke, Lourdes (Ohio) 
Week 3 (February 06): Ben Steffen, Mount Mercy (Iowa), Matheus Andrade, Lourdes (Ohio) , Jeremy Hernandez, Campbellsville (Ky.) 
Week 4 (February 13): Jose Morales, Warner (Fla.), Jesus Izaguirre, Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) , Henrique Gehrke, Lourdes (Ohio) 
Week 5 (February 20): Alberto Chiaparini, Bluefield (Va.), Jake Olson, Saint Xavier (Ill.) , Jaron Jones, Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) 
Week 6 (February 27): Ashan Jordan, Ottawa (Kan.), Troy Lance, Ottawa (Kan.) , Bryce Thompson, Ottawa (Kan.) 
Week 7 (March 06): Felipe Guirau, Park (Mo.), Matheus Andrade, Lourdes (Ohio) , Henrique Gehrke, Lourdes (Ohio) 
Week 8 (March 13): Felipe Guirau, Park (Mo.), Mitchell Wannahwilai, Mount Mercy (Iowa) , Jason Harman, Missouri Baptist 
Week 9 (March 20): Felix Chapman, Grand View (Iowa), Emilier De Jesus, Siena Heights (Mich.) , Luciano Bucci, Park (Mo.) 
Week 10 (March 27): Edin Ibrahimovic, Menlo (Calif.), Ben Twigger, St. Andrews (N.C.) , Henrique Gehrke, Lourdes (Ohio)

Source: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


Championship Information

NAIA Men's Volleyball Championship

April 14-18, 2020
Charles S. Johnson Wellness Center
Des Moines, Iowa