NAIA: The Right Choice for You

When it comes to collegiate athletics associations, how do you know which is the best fit for your institution? It comes down to priorities. If your school wants to be nationally competitive at a reasonable price, while driving enrollment and supporting the school’s bottom line, the NAIA is the best association for you.

NAIA schools measure success not just by game scores, but by their financial bottom lines, too. Their NCAA counterparts spend an average of 60 percent more on athletics.


Regardless of their size, all schools are in competition for students. Student-athlete participation at NAIA schools has increased an average of 40 percent in the last five years. That’s good for the student-athletes and provides vital support and financial stability to our member institutions.


The NAIA Advantage – Maximizing Your Return on Athletics®






Drive Enrollment & Retention



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Student-Athlete Experience


Terry Connor “Moving from NCAA DIII to NAIA has given our whole athletics department a boost – financially, in recruitment and it’s been a definite step up in competition for all of our student-athletes.”

Terry Connor, Athletics Director, Thomas More College (Ky.)
(Moved to NAIA August 2018)


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